Let’s talk gratitude – the only attitude to have if you want to be happy.

It’s easy to get wrapped up into the mindset of wanting more and feeling unsatisfied with what you already have, but…

You decide your vibe! 

There is a big difference between having a vision, intention and goals that you’re focused on vs. spending all your energy being angry and resentful at the world because you don’t have everything that you want. 

When you choose to focus your energy on the negative and what you don’t have, it pretty much guarantees you that you’ll feel like a crabby jerk all the time.

If you’re sick of feeling that that, then instead, practice appreciating what you do have and grow that feeling so you attract even more into your life to be grateful for! I know which one I’m choosin’!

That Law of Attraction? It’s a real thing. What you put out attracts what you get back, so unless you’re a glutton for punishment, you’re going to want to choose very wisely where you focus your energy.

So check in with yourself right now: what is it that makes you feel grateful?

For me, it’s getting to travel near and far and explore new places. Whenever I see planes or I fly, I have this overwhelming sense of gratitude and wonder, to the point where I feel overcome with emotion and like I may even cry. It’s amazing! ✈? It’s almost like this all-consuming sense of wonder and astonishment at the world that I live in and the life that I have. 

I bring this up because gratitude is the anecdote to feeling like shit and being stuck in low vibe, draining, fearful, negative energy.

Here’s the trick – You have to let it in and really feel it, not just think it. So try it out! What makes you feel so grateful and full of wonder? Feel it right now and bring this to the forefront any time you’re feeling down. You will witness your mind take a total 180!

If you’ve been feeling like crud lately then try it out because this is probably missing from you life!

This week I personally got to:

  • Fly to Grand Rapids
  • Explore the city with my cousin 
  • See Twenty One Pilots (my fave!) 
  • Have my dad & step mom come visit and explore Colorado with me 
  • Eat a bunch of amazing food
  • Explore & shop 
  • Tonight I get to see Brit Floyd at Red Rocks 

You see, I could be complaining that I’m so drained that I just want to do nothing because I’m a huge introvert and need to recharge my energy with some alone time often, but you know what? I’m going to be grateful instead and do my best to enjoy every minute!

Remember, you and only you get to decide your vibe. What are you choosing today?