The first page of Google when searching “waking up early” pulls up articles on articles with clearly written out instructions and tips on how to wake up early. 

“Drink Coffee” 

“Eat Healthy”

“Don’t Snooze the Alarm Clock”

The list goes on. 

While, yes, these are helpful tips in training your body to love mornings; there is only one tip you need. 


We’ve all heard the benefits of being an early-riser. “All the successful CEOs do it, so I should too, right?” 

I can guarantee you that they are not waking up early because they are CEOs. They wake up early because they have a purpose. When they wake up early in the morning they are waking up because they get to go to the job they love. They wake up early to read. To make their kids’ lunches so they can spend the 15 minutes they have in the morning with the people who matter to them most. 

How do I get up in the morning? 

When that alarm goes off and my fingers are inches away from the snooze button, I remember that 6:00 AM is the only time I have in my day to exercise. And if I don’t wake up to exercise in the morning I will never reach my fitness goals. This is my purpose and the only thing I need to force me out of bed at 5:00 AM. 

What’s your purpose?