This holiday gift guide offers gift ideas, sure to please all your loved ones, as we continue to weather this pandemic. These items are things that can be used now and are meant to address our current needs and desires. Perfect for gifting or perhaps to add to your own Santa list, all are sustainable by either being American made and/or are vegan, designed and created using toxic free materials, or use sustainable practices that are better for the earth.  


Gifts that will help any individual practice the art of cozy.  Look no further:

These puffer coats by Aritzia are hailed for offering the ultimate toastieness. Perfect for those long, well needed walks to keep sanity in check. Their coats are a cozy cold weather option. Offered in an array of colors, styles and lengths, designed in Canada with warmth top of mind, and made with 100 percent responsibly sourced down. And as of last month they have stepped up their green game further.  This latest version is fully sustainable, with every detail paying homage to Mother Earth.  Their puffers are available for men and women.  

L.L. Bean Shearling Boots are the most delightful way to dress your tootsies in cold weather.  L.L. Bean makes all their bean boots in Maine and has since the beginning. Their shearling lined version make an ultimate coziness gift for feet. These boots are sock optional and come in a variety of styles and colors. Sherpa available for men and women only.  Kid sizes are available in the original design. 

Bearaby weighted blankets are for days when you can’t bare the outdoors Curl up under this blanket that both wraps you in warmth and hugs you too. These weighted blankets, made with organic cotton, claim to reduce anxiety.  All one needs to do is look at their reviews to feel assured the proof is in the pudding. Ideal for all humans… pick the appropriate weight based on size, with their lightest version created with small fries in mind.  


Romance may not be top of mind these days, but in order for our romantic relationships to survive, we still need to nurture them… pandemic or not.  

To keep the spark alive, woo your lover with Henry Rose Fragrances.  The first sustainable fragrance line to market. They have several scents available including all unisex. My personal fave… Smyth, a perfect juxtaposition of sweet and savory. 

For many, when thinking of gifting or receiving a candle, it can feel like an after thought gift idea. One could probably, at any given moment, open their cabinet and find a mish mosh of candles stuffed in the back that have yet to be used, because aesthetically they’re all over the place. Then along came Vellabox, a curated monthly subscription based candle delivery service, that proved us wrong about our thoughts on candle purchases. This curated group of candle purveyors use sustainable practices and materials, poured into chic glass canisters that present elegantly in your home. You can also purchase solo candles, but what a joy to open a box every few weeks with a new seasonal scent to enjoy.  Let’s face it… we could all benefit from a little hygge right now.  

A great statement piece is something to be cherished. Whether it be earrings, a necklace, bracelet or ring, timeless noteworthy jewels are something to be gifted. Hours were spent scouring the world wide web before discovering Kat Kim’s Fine Jewelry.  If this year, your looking to wow someone, look no further. These sustainable beauties are made of recycled gold and ethical diamonds sure to please, the most difficult to buy for, individual.  


Some prefer to play it safe and others go all in.

For some guilt-free indulgence- a box of Daily Harvest Clean Ice Cream, particularly for their Daily Harvest Vanilla + Salted Swirled Black Sesame Swirl. Alternatively, send a few pints of Craig’s Vegan… Their PB Krunch will fool the most discerning palate into thinking they’re delighting in a dairy- based dessert. Pinky swear.  

And for some non guilt-free pleasure, that may provoke guilt but not enough to care, a 6 pack of Jeni’s ice cream. Their creations are void of synthetic dies and flavors and they don’t use emulsifiers or stabilizers, but they do use… do I dare say it… sugar! They are a B certified business with the environment top of mind. From composting to recycling and reducing waste, they are doing it all.  

There is nothing like jumping into a bed made of fresh, clean sheets. Avocado Suvin Organic Cotton Sheets are the ultimate indulgence for a peaceful night’s sleep. Guilty pleasure, yes please! A splurge purchase for sure, they are the ultimate luxury with two levels of softness offered, choose 600(safe) or 1000(all in) thread count for the sweetest of dreams.


Comfort is something everyone can use a little of these days. Agree?

Are you team tea, coffee or both? Irregardless, these warm beverages are the epitome of comfort. Sustainable teas from Traditional Medicinals are a lovely gift idea, for the ultimate cup of relaxation. And organic fair trade coffee blends from Allegro will provide that morning coffee buzz being sought after daily by many. Pair either with this this sustainable ceramic mug by Kopi, that will keep your beverage of choice heated by placing the mug on it’s very own portable charger. It’s the gift that keeps giving day after day. It’s absolutely brilliant for the hot beverage lover that longs to sip all morning long. It continues to sell out on sites like, but fingers crossed you can find one here.  

These delectable sweets made in house at Mah Ze Dahr Bakery in NYC are the bomb. They’re famous for their Mah Ze Dahr bars that get even more tasty with every bite. In addition, choose from a variety of other equally tasty baked goods and confections made of organic and local ingredients including toffee, shortbread and so much more. Or go with one of their DIY brownie kits for the baker in your life who likes to keep things easy, but prefers that warm, out of the oven, goodness. Bonus- they are also selling homemade gingerbread houses void of preservatives and additives for a pre-Christmas fun activity. Shipping nationally now.

And on the topic of comfort, how about something for the person who has always wanted to prepare that most intricate dish, but never had the time. These kitchen items are splurge worthy for the most particular chef and will incentivize them to prepare the most comfort laden meal. This cutting board, from Snowe, handcrafted in the US of black walnut, is both a show piece and stellar cooking tool built to last. Is the budding chef in your life in need of new cookware, if so consider 360 Cookware?  These pieces are manufactured in Wisconsin and are the highest of quality. Depending on budget and need, opt for individual pieces or purchase a set. These pots, pans and baking accessories are built for the long haul and your encouraged to pass them down to future generations. For a non-stick, environmentally friendly and PFOA-free pan, to sauté or fry in easily with or without oil or butter, check out Scanpan, made in Denmark. Bonus, it’s a breeze to clean. Comfort in the making. 

Comfort in a glass- how about some Kentucky made Bourbon? Buffalo Trace Distillery is home to two fabulous bourbons, raved about by many connoisseurs alike. Buffalo Trace, a more price sensitive bourbon that is perfect to be played on repeat throughout the year and Blanton’s, a more pricey option for sip and savor memorable evenings, when you want to pull out the all the stops.  Or perhaps both?  

And ahhhh, finally… the comfort of a good night’s sleep? That’s on everyone’s wish list. Hatch Restore affords a plethora of ways to experience just that. Soothing dimmed lights to wind you down, meditation offerings, and calming sounds to doze off and wake up to. Relaxation never came so easy. Definitely check this all in one electronic device out, it made the Times 100 best inventions of 2020.  


Being dressed up doesn’t have to equal discomfort. There are many brands making great looking clothing that looks effortless and stylish too.

Great fitting jeans that are comfortable enough to wear, even if staying in. When you find that perfect pair, they can be just as comfy as your favorite sweats. Jbrand jeans are a go to for fit, quality and sustainability. Their jeans are produced in the US and now offers a collection of sustainable J Brand denim made using 30% recycled cotton with the wash process utilizing 90% less water, on average. Their 2112 straight leg jeans are a high fashion option currently in high demand. Jbrand has options for both women and men. 

Mate the Label makes stylish and high quality loungewear made of organic cotton. Their color selection is rich and dyed using non toxic hues.  Made in Los Angeles. Effortless lounging awaits.  

American Giant makes great basic pieces for both men and women. Their menswear options are particularly stellar for men who want to look stylish, but not super trendy. They make high quality basics that work for everyday life.


These Little fab items, once discovered, are sure to become regulars in your household cabinets and drawers. These extra somethings are the the ideal size for stuffing into stockings.  

  1. Kopari coconut lip balm– super smooth, slick, and au naturale, with a subtle coconut hint of flavor.
  2.  Zoya Non toxic nail polish and remover- Their Pixie Dust collection is superb and will add a little sparkle to the week. 
  3. Amborella Seed Bearing Organic lollipops– visually stunning and tasty lollipops that offer up flowers too. Simply plant the sticks in a pot or outside and water. In just a few shorts weeks everything will be coming up roses!
  4. Goldilocks wraps and produce bags– Produce bags to bring along when shopping groceries to help reduce the use of unnecessary plastic bags and darling beeswax lined canvas wraps to use in place of cling or foil.  
  5. Ogee Organic Skincare– Their Seeds of Youth Serum and Jojoba Glow face oil are a little bit of a splurge, but worth the radiant looking skin you will show off post application.  
  6. Vega Protein Made Simple Powder– Instant plant based protein with just 4-8 ingredients. The caramel is insane. 
  7. Lake Champlain Organic Chocolates– Christmas coins to fill all the stockings in your home, except for your pets of course.  
  8. Elmhurst 1925– For their plant-based milks that are squeaky clean. Use the walnut milk in your favorite banana bread recipe. You’ll be blown away. Their cashew milk will serve, without knowing, as faux cream in your coffee. 
  9. Ethique– Zero waste bars of everything from shampoo and conditioners to cleaning products. They even have a shampoo bar for your pooch.

And lastly, speaking of your pooch… it’s been a record year of dog ownership. Be sure to spoil that new pup of yours with something from Westpaw.  All their products are made in house at their headquarters in Montana.  This B Corporation is the epitome of earth friendly.