Have feelings of isolation crept into you lately? Do you feel disconnected and stagnated? Do you feel a lack of direction and purpose? If yes, you aren’t the only one. People across the globe have been lacking motivation and have been feeling isolated. It’s all due to the pandemic that has changed our lifestyle. Today, you can’t step out of home as freely as you could do until 2019. You have to equip yourself with a mask and sanitizer. Also, no one knows how long do we have to go on with the “new normal”.

Useful guidelines by Michael Osland

Meeting your friends and near ones always come with a condition now – to ensure personal safety. Also, the subsequent lockdowns have closed all avenues of entertainment. Hence, it is natural to feel a sense of social isolation which can affect mental health. Do you resonate with this? If yes, it’s time that you remedy the same. For this, you can follow a few guidelines as given below:

  1. Stay engaged in productive activities

It is essential to ensure that your mind is engaged in doing things that it likes. Productive activities and daily chores are necessary to boost mental health says Michael Osland. For instance, if you love baking and cooking, you can spend more time doing that. Also, you can read more about the items that you can cook or bake for your family. You can also take aesthetic pictures of the cake you bake and share them on your social media profile to get appreciation from your followers. It will help you to stay engaged and generate happy thoughts.

  • Play indoor games with your family

Since most people are working from home, the commute time from office to home gets saved. If you are working from home, you can use up the extra time by spending it with your family members. One of the best ways for this is to play indoor games. You can also play video games together. It will help you cement your bond with other family members and make you feel loved and counted. It can effectively erase feelings of social isolation.

  • Speak to a therapist

At times a feeling of isolation can become extreme. It might impact your way of life. For instance, it might affect your appetite and sleep cycle as well. You might also get triggered by the smallest things. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is necessary to gets speaking to a professional therapist. They will help you to curb your feelings of isolation by proper guidance. They might also advise you to do certain activities and follow a way of life that will help you reduce the feelings of isolation. Today, you can also opt-in for a telephonic consultation as well.

Our way of life has changed to a great extent because of the pandemic outbreak. Feeling isolated for a long-time can have serious mental repercussions. You can follow the guidelines mentioned above to address and remedy it.