Nobody ever said that taking the high road, truly and fully living with authenticity and integrity, is easy…

Following the laws of the land, especially following the immutable laws of Nature (Universal Laws), requires correct education, surrender, faith, hope, humbleness, confidence, self-discipline, will, imagination, intuition, perception, discernment, adaptation, and correct reasoning.

When you choose to take the high road, you get to live and sleep peacefully… not just in this short “lifetime”, but throughout infinity. I cannot dream of a greater experience than to exist in eternal peace. Can you?

Attempting to take shortcuts only results in Life shortcutting you, for you always reap what you sow.

You will never attain the next level that the real you (a Soul) aspires to experience unless you get into the “fire” of your temporal discomfort and walk the walk most only speak of in vain, if at all.

It doesn’t matter how many mortals you have misled, or can mislead, through great acting… or how much “dust” you acquire in this lifetime… you will always carry and radiate the vibration of your false self wherever you go (in this lifetime and beyond), until you finally will yourself to do the work that actually “saves” you, an infinite Soul.

Living with love, patience, authenticity, courage, generosity, aspiration, integrity, sympathy, kindness, noninterference, duty, and forgiveness offers the greatest reward over any other possible way of living: Access to Heaven on Earth, which is the only place it is ever spoken of truly existing (by ALL the idolized Avatars throughout the history of mankind). This is more than conceivable, this is possible!

It does eventually get easier to take the steepest path and to consistently choose to live with integrity and authenticity… that is, when it becomes automatic and you no longer need to practice because you have finally unlearned all of which masked the Truth of who you are and are expressing yourself as your highest Self in all that you think, feel, speak, do, engage in and subscribe to.

You are Love… the purest, the most powerful, and the only everlasting form of Energy.


Photo of Sorinne – taken by Justice Reed