The path of least resistance-
This phrase has been coming to me very consistently lately and I have taken to it fondly in dissecting it’s meaning and examining its applicable depths. When I come up against a wall, often of my own making, I have learnt to look to nature for a peaceful and non-judgement path around said wall. I have so many ambitions that occupy my mind most days that getting there, changing certain habits and overcoming insecurities, can often seem like a lifetime away. There is a distinct audible voice in my head that wants to command a full retreat, and then the war begins. Faith inserts itself with a dash of stubbornness and I cannot quit the longing for the visions projected so vividly against the barricades.

It is a battle of a split mind, one where there is no victor only a sense that I haven’t achieved either desire, retreat or success. It is at this precise moment that I must remind myself that time and all its orchestrated tentacles are nothing but an illusion secured by my own belief. The only thing to do is eliminate any allegiance to either side of the dueling duo and create an island in time- A space of observance.

Often times we easily forget that we are just as much a part of nature as nature is a part of us. When flowing down a mountain side a stream of water does not always take the straightest path from point A to B, but rather the one of least resistance. It will follow the path created by the water that ran before it and the one before that. The path that might zig and zag but in its favor has a smooth and gentle base where all water can flow easily and freely. There is no judgement or reflection on the chosen path. It just flows with grace and purpose.
Reversely, if you were keen on taking a hike up the mountain you most likely take the path that has been created by the many feet to have traveled before you. This path is clear of any foliage or large rocks obstructing your way and you are most likely going to reach the top of the mountain just in time to take in the incredible views and change of perspective before the setting sun glows its way down the horizon.

You could alternatively take a path that has yet to be created, one that requires a machete and a strong will. Both will lead up the mountain, eventually, but the striking difference is simply the end goal. If you are looking for a cave to take cover in over the night perhaps creating your own path is the best option. If you are simply wanting to be outside and hike to the top of the mountain before dinner time plowing away at dense bush would not be honoring your goal.

One step at a time it is important to reveal more of the goal with a patience that directs you to success. Taking the path of least resistance will always conjure an inner enjoyment and eliminate the internal battle. Living in your passion is so powerful that it will take away any sense of “work” and smudge the graffiti tagging your insecurities on those self imposed walls.

It is my goal to not only be a conduit for the possibilities I see in my head but to as well enjoy this life and thrive.