The Music Industry is growing widely with many different forms of music and various taste among listeners. The Music Industry has given the right platform to many young rising stars. As music pours internal peace in people’s heart, it’s very important for any musician to perform very creatively to entertain the audience.

Determination is vital for success in life. It is what keeps you going to achieve your desired goal even when hit by setbacks and failures. The importance of determination cannot be emphasized more accurately than this powerful maxim,

DDB YAYO worked continuously hard with determination to pursue his dream. He hustled hard in life to reap results that he enjoys today. DDB YAYO has faced many challenges from his childhood, he was dislodged from his school in grade 7th and was shifted to another school. His sheer passion, love, and interest have got him a long way in the music industry.

DDB YAYO is a 21-year-old young man born in Jamaica, Queens,New York. DDB YAYO Loves music endlessly and his passion helped him to push his limits and perform efficiently with his skills and expertise. DDB YAYO spends hours and hours to work on his skills of writing and creating music in his father’s family basement where he had a home studio back in the days. DDB YAYO opines that – “My love and passion for music and the quest to make my unique niche with music in the vast American music scene.” He further adds that “this kept him motivated and hone his skills in the field.” As a result of which he made a grand entry in the music arena.

Over the pass years, he became more confident on his content creation, songwriting, music drafting which made him successful with his unique compositions. All his compositions have been trending a lot recently in Orlando and people have thoroughly loved and enjoyed his work.

We should say each day to ourself that “my place is higher up” by having big dreams and vowing to get there. There is nothing so important in our life as our mental attitude towards ourself and what we think of ourself. For example, if we think of ourself as not useful, this may affect our ability to succeed. Thus, we should never for a moment distort our determination by harbouring doubts about our ability to reach our goal. Whenever we do this, we weaken the force which will propel us to reach our goal he quoted.