As you’re well aware, many people on the planet now are struggling in so many ways. Many of us are grateful to have emotional, mental, spiritual and physical support systems, including our beautiful online community, the Raw Spirituality network.

Now that the level of covid infection has reached its current point, hospitals are understandably implementing visitor restrictions. While we’re appreciative of the measures to make patient health and safety the top priority, now that patients typically can have zero visitors, not even immediate relatives, this creates a challenging dynamic.

Many of these patients are in pain, deeply scared, overwhelmed and alone. Some of them make their transition to the other side, the non-physical realm, without the comfort and support of their closest loved ones by their side. The medical personnel are certainly “earth angels”, and they also are doing their jobs in likely the most stressful circumstances they could have ever imagined. Though many of these earth angels are incredibly loving and compassionate, they are also in an intensely focused mode, and must be aware of every detail of their expertise when they’re with a patient.

Before this pandemic entered the picture, you may have known loved ones who made their transition alone, and of course, while it’s not what we want for those we love, we know that divine timing and soul curriculum are always at play. Nothing happens on accident or mistake. Even though each’s soul and highest self are in control of every situation, if we get the chance to be in service to others, I can’t think of a reason not to.

And while all who cross over are assisted and greeted on the other side by their loved ones, angels and guides, it feels like we have an opportunity here to be in service, in love. To move out of the disempowered state of helplessness, into our eternal authentic identity of loving kindness and compassion.

Because we are not bound by time and space, and we are all threads in the interwoven fabric of the unified field, we can “be with” those who are fearful and struggling in hospitals all over the world. We can provide comfort and unconditional love from our own homes. The unified field is the mechanism that allows you to think of someone and then they call you. Or having a feeling of knowing something, without the intellectual background that would justify it. You are interacting with and part of the unified field, indiscriminately, all the time. Can you imagine what happens when you interact with the unified field, intentionally and with purpose?

And how powerful could it be, to use your true nature, your intentional awareness, purposefully, to share love and comfort, across space and time. Can you sense how powerful this could be, expanding with each loving heart that joins in the process? We can’t even conceive of how the waves of love can build and grow and completely saturate a population on the planet, until we experience it.

Here’s the equation. Your high-frequency, coherent, state of being + your intention = an expression of love that transcends all physical limitations. With every being that participates, the expression of love expands and raises vibration exponentially.

Can you imagine holding someone’s hand who has no one else to comfort them? Can you envision filling their hospital room with divine grace and love? Appreciation for the life they’ve lived, even though you may have no idea of what that was like or even what their name is? Can compassion expand and flow through you to another beautiful being of light, who chose to incarnate here on the planet at the same time that you did, with their own soul’s mission and purpose?

We all chose to incarnate here together, soul’s knowing that we would encounter these opportunities to show love, radiate love, truly be love. Nothing expected in return. Just using our own state to lovingly connect with another individualized expression of the Divine; which is what we all are, in truth.

I’ve recorded a two-fold meditative experience designed to first, guide you into a higher-vibrational and heart-coherent state of being (which is your natural state and improves every aspect of your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health). You’ll join a group field of consciousness, of love and healing. We will release all attachment to the outcome and just be love together.

Second, you’ll be guided to project yourself to the bedside of a patient who is struggling, suffering or alone, somewhere in the world. Your love is your most powerful healing tool.

At that point in the experience, you may have thoughts or images in your mind’s eye, that seem to come from nowhere. You may ask yourself, “Is this just my imagination making this up? I can’t actually be sensing someone who I’m affecting with my intention and love!”

The answer is, yes, it IS your imagination — because your imagination is the LANGUAGE OF YOUR SOUL. Those thoughts and images in your mind’s eye are some of the ways that your soul speaks to you. Don’t write it off. Know that your frequency and coherent state + your intention = multidimensional love expression.

There is no downside to radiating unconditional love. This opportunity will yield comfort and healing in ways that we cannot even fathom. Thank you for participating and please share this information.

If you’d like to connect with others who are doing this practice and share your experiences click here to join the free Patient Project group and listen to the Meditation Experience.

You may also listen to the Patient Project Meditation Experience on one of my podcasts called State of the Universe: on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, etc.