As we all know that everything great that ever happened to humanity since the beginning of time has begun as a single thought in someone’s mind. What is greater than peace?

The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians over the land is – in my opinion – illogical because after all, they are both living now on the same land so they may as well live in peace and harmony without looking back to history. What good can come out of me fighting with my neighbor everyday? None!

It will only cause both of us harm and distress.

One can argue endlessly about to which side does the land belong because it belonged to many people throughout history. We are living now in this moment so we should make our lives worth living.

There is enough abundance of resources for everybody so there is no reason to worry. God created us in different genders, races, colors, cultures and religions to test us whether we fight or understand one another.

My message to both sides is:

“We are all children of Adam and that makes us brothers and sisters. We are the human family and family members should not fight but love each other. Clean your souls and hearts of hatred and let’s all live in peace”.