“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” — Lao Tzu

Shall we discover our purpose and share our talents with the world? Shall we find joy? Know love? And be rewarded with all the fruits that come from our efforts? The answer is yes, yes, and yes. It is the call to live an abundant life, which contrary to what people may tell you, it’s not something that is only for a few chosen people. It is the birthright for all who dare to claim it.

I have traveled all over the world, sharing with thousands the practice of Ho’oponopono, a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving. In these journeys, I have shown eager seekers the easiest way to find happiness, peace, and abundance. Through a very simple process, we can each learn to let go and allow Love (God) to erase the unwanted memories that are holding us back — the beliefs, fears, opinions, barriers and judgments that keep us apart from happiness.

Regardless of how we each choose to find truth or seek abundance, there is a common theme that unites us all. It is peace. Peace is the great healer. It is what bring us joy, meaning, and love. And, yes, even abundance.

If peace is the key to transforming our lives, the next logical question is: Where will we find this peace? It is a question that has been handed down since the beginning of time. And the answer has always been there, close, just waiting for us. The answer is simple: Peace lives within each of us. It is a tiny seed ready to sprout for those willing to recognize that we are each 100% responsible for the realities we create and that no matter what happens in our surrounding world, we each have the capacity to bring love, joy, and happiness to our world.

All we need is to begin each day with the truth that “peace begins with me.”

It may seem like an impossible task, especially in our busy, anxiety-filled world, where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges we face. And while we must certainly deal with these challenges, if we are going to truly find peace and live exceptional lives, we must eventually admit that our challenges are a trap — illusions that keep us believing we are in a constant state of need or lacking. It’s a tough illusion to see through. Perhaps it’s life’s greatest challenge.

As mentioned before, the answer lives inside. We must simply turn on the light, let go and let God take care of the details, instead of reacting, engaging and repeating the destructive memories and patterns that lead to spiritual bankruptcy.

To find peace we must believe in ourselves — always trusting that our Higher Self knows what is right for us, and the path that will lead us to truth and abundance. As we allow this inspiration to flow into our lives, we will be clearly gifted with the right ideas and perfect solutions to create the abundance we seek and deserve.

Above all we must choose love and acceptance, both for others and ourselves. It is on this boundless road of love where we will find the freedom to think and perceive in different ways — and to create the life we imagine. It is a perfect path where we can all love what we do, and do what brings us joy and meaning. And on this perfect path, life is easy because we’re using our unique talents and following our individual truths. It is a path where we can attract all the money and resources we need, effortlessly. This is the peaceful path to abundance.

The beautiful bonus is this: when we accept and love ourselves, we will be able to love and accept others as well, which will then plant the seeds for even more abundance in our lives, which will then collectively create a happier and more peaceful world.

The peaceful path to abundance is waiting for us — all we have to do is wake up each day and remember that Peace Begins with ME and that Peace within is World Peace.

Originally published at medium.com