There are 7.524 billion people on earth, and 40 percent of those people are social media users, Fast Company reports.

The data comes from We Are Social’s and HootSuite’s Global Digital Statshot, an analysis of worldwide trends in internet and mobile use.

It’s not unexpected that so much of the world is plugged in—most of us witness this firsthand every day. But it’s alarming to see how fast these trends are moving: since April of this year, 121 million people have become social media users, a 4 percent increase in just a few months. The most used social media platform is Facebook, of which there are now 2.046 billion monthly users, and 59 percent of Facebook users visit the site daily.

Other notable stats Fast Company pointed out include that 51 percent of people worldwide are internet users (3.819 billion people) and 67 percent use mobile phones. Another telling stat is that more people are using the internet via phones (54 percent) than they are with other devices like laptops or desktops (41 percent), or tablets (5 percent).

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