Is there ONE magical way to write your goals?
 A process to rule all processes?

I get asked this question several times a week. Denise, am I doing it right? How should I do this?

I wish I could tell you that there is ONE magical formula to goal setting. That if you stand on one leg while you’re chanting your affirmations and write them in gold ink at 11:11am every day, then they have more potent power. That all your dreams will come true because finally… you’re perfect.

The perfect way to write your goals doesn’t exist

The truth is that INTENTION is way more important than perfection. I don’t think the Universe cares HOW you do goal setting, as long as you have clarity on what you want. The HOW is just ritual.

Humans LOVE ritual and I do think that it’s important. But if you look through history, different tribes had different ways of achieving the same thing, like appeasing the gods or praying for rain. Who was right? Well — maybe the intention, belief and collective focus was the most important thing rather than the actual method.

Everyone learns differently and you’ll be more touched by one modality of learning than others. Saying that there is ONE way to do goal setting really restricts you from experiencing the full flavor of your manifesting ability.

My philosophy is “Throw everything at it”

Because everything works, if you believe it does. Clinical trials using placebos have proven it time and again. Belief is powerful. Intention is powerful.

But if you wait for THE perfect system, then you’ll probably never do it. You’ll procrastinate and avoid even trying. Your dreams are too important to leave to chance or an arbitrary process.

But that doesn’t mean you do nothing. Because you’ll have no forward motion. If you get into positive action and act in intention, then you’ll notice synchronicities and opportunities that you wouldn’t have noticed before. The rituals strengthen your belief. Your positive beliefs that you deserve it and are worth it, lead you to take positive action. It becomes a beautiful compounding effect.

Conversely when you do nothing, you might not see the opportunities and if you do, you might think that they aren’t for you. You’ll act in ways that aren’t conducive to your goals, or worse, you’ll stay in inaction. This has a neutral or negative compounding effect over time. No forward motion, no positive outcome or you’ll stay where you are. Simple. It’s not magic, it’s actually really practical stuff.

Here are some ideas for you to better achieve your goals. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.

Visual ways to doing your goal setting

  • Create Pinterest boards related to your goals and look at them daily
  • Make a physical dream board using cut out images from magazines
  • Put it everywhere — on your fridge and on your office wall
  • Put a picture of your biggest dream on your computer screen saver and your phone lock screen
  • Put a post-it of your goal on the corner of your computer screen
  • Put a picture of your goal on your car dashboard or behind your mirror
  • Create a crystal grid with a strong intention of your goals
  • Place pictures of your dream board in unexpected places, like inside drawers and cupboards

Just do it

Audio ways to do goal setting

  • When you’re driving in your car, practice making speeches where you tell people how you achieved your goal and what your life is like now
  • Pretend you’re being interviewed by Oprah
  • Record yourself saying it and listen to it in the background while you’re working
  • Go for long walks with your partner and talk about what you want to achieve this year
  • Talk about your goals with your coach or kinesiologist
  • Listen to subliminal learning audios specific to your goal — for example, you can get weight loss or money mindset ones
  • Publicly state your goals to your mastermind group
  • When you’re talking about your goals, use positive language, like “When we move into our new house” not “IF we buy a new house”

Just do it

Physical ways to do goal setting

  • Write down your goals in your journal as many times a day that feels good to you
  • Try multiple ways of writing them out — in the present tense, in a letter to Santa, as a gratitude log, for example “Thank you for my 6 figure business”
  • Write down stories of your dream day in as much detail as possible
  • Make your goal your computer password, so you have to type it in multiple times a day. For example, when my goal was to hit six figures in my business, my password was ‘6figuresnow’
  • Go visit your dream house or dream car — test drive it. Breathe in the air.
  • Drive around in your dream neighborhood and talk about how you’re going to live there
  • Put deposits on some of your big dreams — like holidays or physical goods. Don’t wait for the money to show up
  • Start packing up your house if your dream is to move

Just do it

Energetic ways to do goal setting

  • Write down 20 reasons why having your goal will impact your life for the better
  • Write down 20 B.S excuses on why you’re NOT allowed to have your goal (this will give you really valuable information to clear)
  • Write down who would be affected negatively by you achieving your goals and then forgive them
  • Forgive yourself for past financial mistakes
  • Forgive yourself for every goal you’ve missed
  • Do EFT daily to give yourself permission to dream big
  • Energetically cut the cords with your past so you can move to the next goal
  • Visualize yourself walking through your ideal day
  • Visualize yourself talking to your future self and asking how she achieved it

Just do it

Remember, there are many paths to your goals. There is no such thing as THE perfect way to write your goals. In fact, as you just saw, you don’t even need to write them if that doesn’t resonate for you!

Try as many of these that resonate with you as possible. Leave the ones that don’t feel good.

Don’t get caught up in the details (for example, the EXACT EFT script). Just try it with intention and see what happens.

I’ve got a free manifesting course that will help you take your goals from dream board into reality — without winning the lottery. It comes with a free cheat sheet to help you. Grab it here:

Of course, I don’t claim that it’s THE perfect system but honestly it’s an awesome one. I’ll take you through my 5-step process that really helps me when I have a big goal. Try it and see. It’s totally free.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

xx Denise

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Originally published at on February 10, 2016.

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