Inspiration is the new information that replaces the memories and old programs which keep replaying in our minds. Just as the intellect is expressed in the left hemisphere of the brain, inspiration travels through the right side.

In other words, the inspiration that you’re looking for (perfect solutions, right answers) is inside of you! It’s always been there.

It’s important to remember that you have been created perfect. Perfect means without beliefs, value judgments or opinions. And, just as important, you are still perfect. What are not perfect are the «programs» which we have accumulated from the beginning of time. You have simply forgotten who you are. Thus, each time that a problem arises, you become involved in the situation. You react, defend yourself, and even worse, you blame those around you. Do you really believe that there is someone trying to do something to you? Or that you have all the answers? The truth is clear: you are not the faulty information that repeats itself constantly in your mind.

The wisdom in us is innate and valid at all times. Its origin is the Universe or God. But in our habitual state of unconsciousness, we are not capable of seeing that everything we need is right here, next to us, within us. We don’t see because we are not present, or we believe that we know more than God. So we close our heart and can no longer see there are other options. Our rigid intellectual expectation makes us look in the wrong places and formulate the wrong questions.

We dive through our knowledge, which is based on what we have learned; it emerges intending to manage the human issues once we lose the connections with the innate wisdom. Knowledge is centered on «practical» issues, but it forgets the connection with the Source (the Universe/God), and very often, the solution offered, creates a new problem. Knowledge has its foundation in the intellect, and therefore comes from memory (old information). Knowledge is a poor resource in a multidimensional universe. A universe rich in possibilities, and infinitely creative.

Our insistence on understanding everything intellectually is what creates a lot of anguish in our lives. In fact, those who ask more questions with the objective of knowing and understanding everything, are usually the ones who suffer the most. This emotional crisis and desperation is the result of listening to the intellect too much and wanting to comprehend everything, and believing that what we think is right, and is always true. Your programs and memories, via the intellect, will continue being your prison guards for as long as you allow them to be.

I encourage you to let go of your intent to understand and the need to be right, and allow inspiration to come into your life. For that, it is only required that you leave aside your intellect. It doesn’t matter how many university diplomas you have or how intelligent you are. The objective is not for you to exert yourself in order to understand Ho’oponopono, the ancient art of problem-solving, which I always talk to you about and has literally saved my life. On the contrary, Zero is an experience, a feeling; it is wisdom. It’s something that cannot be described nor explained in any teachings in a logical term. I call it Zero Frequency®. At this time, your intellect may have great difficulty understanding the simple concepts that I am sharing with you; but for you to take advantage of all of this and everything that happens in your life, do yourself a favor: put your intellect on pause and allow your heart to guide you.

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