The Period Passport: Conquering Period Poverty by Chaste Christopher Inegbedion and Yetunde Tola will impress you as they Celebrate UN International Day of the Girl Child with a Dream Disney Deal.

He is seamlessly discussing a very unique topic. If you are looking for an informative book covering all aspects of period then ‘The Period Passport’ is the best book for you.

The Period Passport is a unique work of two Nigerians residing in different places: Harrisburg in United States and Hong Kong, China who are passionate about ending period poverty.

Chaste Christopher Inegbedion is a passionate advocate of eliminating period poverty. He is striving against the common paradox to stop the stereotype mindset. Chaste launched a platform on the controversial topic surrounding Menarche, Adolescent girls and their Single Fathers.

He’s a member of a number of pressure groups as well as international organisations. The Rotaract Club, Advocates in Harlem, Days of Girl International, Freedom Foundation, Man Up Campaign, Wikimedia Foundation, Afrocrowd, Climate Reality, and the United Nations.

His sole aim is to raise voice for the Menstrual Movement, end the period poverty using digital means and Photography as a tool for change.

Coauthor Yetunde Oluwafunmilayo Tola is a registered nurse and midwife. She is currently in the final year of her doctoral degree. She has conducted research in the areas of pain management, reproductive health, and public health. She has also published a number of articles in internationally recognized journals like the International Journal of Nursing Review, Journal of Clinical Nursing, International Journal of Clinical Practice, and Journal of Research Development in Nursing and Midwife. Yetunde is very passionate about the female reproductive health. Her passion has led to this collaborative effort to bring to lime light the issues related to period and ways to tackle period poverty.

The Debut book, would launch this fall to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child, thereby announcing the arrival of a sparkly new literary voice for dads and daughters on better period management.

To top that off, the authors could easily see it becoming a Disney movie with plans to turn the book’s title Period Genie into a film. In the dream, which is set in the near future, President Obama played the Period Genie alongside his teenage daughters and a band of Hollywood devoted dads and Glam-mas taking refuge/lessons on parenting skills. This devoted dad, glamorous grandmas and their moody teenage daughters are changing the opinion of individuals about how parents impact their kids’ lives and how conventional thinking, life views, and sexual duties grow as described in the book.

Chaste and Yetunde shared their views about the book as they Celebrate UN International Day of the Girl Child, we have highlighted a very controversial topic related to period poverty. Since period is a vital part of girls’ life, it has a great impact on their emotional, physical and mental health. Yet, it is one of the subjects considered a taboo during discussion causing misinformation about it to become rampant. The Period Passport aims to change this. Our focus is young women going through menarche. The Period Passport also serves as a call to action to eliminate period poverty and ignorance about female reproductive health. 

This wonderful book is delivering information in a very engaging way. Just having information is not an art but delivering information in the right way is more important. The book is userfriendly and has an attractive outlook.

The Period Passport covers all aspects of the period such as mystery behind menstruation, the role Google could play in ending period poverty and even bridging the disparity in gender education. Basically, it is a self-help guide to understand all about period so that you can answer the questions emerging from young minds.  It is equally important for boys and men because the more they know, the better they will be able to understand the girls and women in their lives.

The Period Passport will help you to understand various perspectives of periods and understand the need for educating the male gender about menstruation. Why is it important for the male? What impact would it have on their future? The Period Passport is a strong advocate for abolishing period poverty.

The Period Passport script is written in a very professional way that tells the true story. Below is an excerpt from the chapter titled Social Challenges:

WASH United and Kearney reports revealed that most common menstruation-related challenges in the social setting have various consequences including stigma about having period, limited opportunities to discuss it with parents, friends, teachers and others. Limitations on mobility and social interaction is also one of the biggest challenges.

“One of the many virtues of this book is to move beyond a sterile debate between advocates of Dads with Daughters and its even relatable for someone like the actor Sylvester Stallone – famous for the Rocky and Rambo franchises – and his three daughters and those who regard Period Poverty as a myth that has never existed,” added Roxanne Stewart, the CEO of Sanicle. “If you want a short, readable guide to a field you feel you need to know more about, and an argument to react to as well, then this is the book for you.”

Journaling between Father and daughter can be a great way for girls — and dads — to talk about Menarche. Menarche only happens once, but most women will have hundreds of periods before their cycle stops during menopause. Help girls understand the benefits of plant-based period products, as well as specific period-related concerns like Birth Controls, Role of Men & Boys, Period Innovations and how to end period poverty.

If menstruation wasn’t something you discussed in your home, this can feel a bit strange at first.   In The Period Passport, authors, Chaste and Yetunde features bright, diverse, approachable illustrations on Dad & Daughter on better Period Management, Menstruation & SDGs, Sanicle in 2024, Glam-ma message to Tween, Devoted Hollywood Dads, Period Genie and Celebration of Changemakers like Arunachalam Muruganantham, Harry Finley, Hillary Duff, Incredible Policymakers Representative April Berg and Assembly member Cristina Garcia.

This COVID Times Best Seller is also tackling issues like ‘Periods don’t pause during Pandemics’ and adding the Men in Menstruation theme while providing an empowering model of how dads and their teenage daughters can raise their voices in protest in conquering period poverty.

Sanicle’s Period Passport is committed to helping good causes and promoting literacy.

Tosin Oni, Sanicle’s Chief Technology Officer, agreed, further mentioning how the book connected to “Sanicle’s core values, which are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’re contributing in particular to Goal 1.1 – to end poverty in all its manifestations by 2030 – by ensuring that all young people gain literacy skills while ending period poverty.

Chaste has also been invited by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Southern Utah University for a conference on Women’s Health to discuss the period passport, period genie game, and sanicle organic period box.

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Sanicle is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime by advocating for girls’ single dads, incarcerated dads towards building strong parent-to-child relationships through public education (Period Passport), Period Genie game and provision of organic period boxes from every subscription.