It has now been more than a year that we have been combating the Covid19 pandemic. Despite succeeding moderately in harnessing the deadly virus by vaccinating people, we are still suffering the mental stress and agony arising from various uncertainties that surround us. No one knows which way the world is heading, how fast will be the economic recovery and the fear of the virus making a comeback in some new form is causing mental stress, explains Peter DeCaprio.  There are questions about whether we can lead the same lifestyle as before, even when the pandemic goes away.    Although there are minimal restrictions in public life, anxiety and uneasiness fill our minds as we try to come to terms with the new normal and keep comparing it the life before the pandemic. All this is affecting our wellness and wellbeing. 

The uncertainty about handling the coronavirus in the long term is often the hardest thing to handle for many people. We are all frightened to some extent and find it hard to live life confidently like before. Even the news about the impending approval of a new drug for the treatment of the coronavirus that assures to save lives does not make us feel secure.

The measures mentioned here should help mitigate mental stress and regain the confidence to lead a near-normal life.

Focus on things you can control

Instead of worrying about the health issues that the health authorities and the healthcare professionals are taking care of by combating the virus from the frontline, take heart from the fact that the situation is now much under control. You can be completely safe and healthy by following good hygiene and practicing safety like avoiding crowded places, wearing a mask when venturing out, washing hands often with soap and water, or using sanitizer when roaming around and trying to maintain physical distance from other people. You will feel more confident in protecting yourself that will reduce mental stress, advises Peter DeCaprio.

Create a new routine

Accepting that life will not be the same again anytime soon will help you confront reality by standing on the ground without expecting miracles to happen that bring back the kind of life you enjoyed before the pandemic. If you are now working from home, accept it as the new normal instead of looking at it as a disruption. As your children too might be at home as schools are yet to reopen, you must keep some time for them too. Create a routine to balance work and family life in the new circumstances so that you find some purpose in everything you do and stay happy by ticking the right boxes. Include regular sessions of exercise in the routine to stay physically active and drive away depression.

Stay connected

Make the best use of digital technology to stay connected with people through social media and messaging apps that gives you a sense of belongingness. It drives away the feeling of loneliness by staying isolated and rejuvenates your mental health.

You can learn from what others are doing to stay mentally calm and practice those to take better care of your wellbeing.