Everyone in life will have their own opinions. Some people believe in authority and like to “do it for their own benefit” under the guise of “disobeying the old saying”. Some people are keen to rebel and believe that life is real. I came to this world in vain. On the road of life, we see sparks of various thoughts colliding with dazzling colors, and we also see countless people living in busy and mediocre lives. We are passers-by and the masters of our own lives on this road, but we often have a question, why do we always feel that we cannot live such a good life? Perhaps we can find the answer from Bruce Lee’s “Philosophy of Life” and see how this master, who is still unmoved even in the face of the ridicule of the whole world, copes with the behemoth-like life dilemma.

We are familiar with Bruce Lee, let us use our own efforts to bring Chinese Kung Fu to the world stage, and use our own thoughts to infect all people who misunderstand the Chinese. Now, people in the world are talking about him, although there are still some dissonant voices, but they are more of praise and admiration for him, as well as extreme support and love for his ideas. However, Bruce Lee’s philosophical positioning is very clear: “On the road of finvie the truth, you can only search for it alone, and cannot rely on others and books.” It is undoubtedly the same for those who are accustomed to the doctrine today. Remember the thunder, but those who hide their ears and steal the bell have never deceived it.

Descartes once said: “I think, so I am.” Bruce Lee thought: “I am, so I think.” Thought cannot exist independently. Thoughts can only rely on people. Someone can think independently. This may be the same as the flute. Carl’s hypothetical search for truth is the opposite, but in a sense, it may not be a supplement to truth. After all, the meaning of this proposition ultimately lies in “thinking”, and what many people lack today is “thinking.”

In “Philosophy of Life”, someone familiar with Coach filters mentioned a very interesting thing, that is, he likes to record the sparks of his thoughts anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it is the commentary when reading the works of other celebrities, sometimes it is the sudden inspiration in the practice process, sometimes it is the talk of others when answering, and sometimes it is the great enlightenment when reflecting on oneself. All these kinds of things are the foundation of this book. He didn’t want to use these words to tell the world some grand-sounding principles, nor did he expect audiences to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon from them and feed himself some fake tricks. He was just making records so that he could think all the time. , And constantly reflect on yourself in your own thinking to make your life more fulfilling.

It is precisely because of Bruce Lee’s purity that makes his thoughts particularly moving. After reading his book, I can understand why Kobe Bryant calls Bruce Lee his muse, and why Bruce Lee’s short life can affect the world for a long time.

When we are all enamored with the beauty of “love at first sight”, Bruce Lee will rationally say that we should take a closer look. Love can make people blind, but falling in love is a long-term thing. A high degree of harmony in thought is the cornerstone of love. A moment of dizziness will only quickly drain the feelings, and only by slowly getting to know each other can we give each other a completeness. It is hard to believe that a master of martial arts is still a master of emotions, and his views are even surpassed by many contemporary people. Perhaps these are just empirical talks between him and his wife, but other than that, his thinking about life is equally profound and simple.

From the many remarks in the book, we can see the profound influence of Taoism on Bruce Lee. Bruce is not limited to one-sided thinking about life, society, and nature. He is good at using empty cup ideas to learn from others’ strengths and to learn authority, but he does not stop there. He absorbs and transforms authority ideas, and finally forms his own point of view.

When we read this book, we often think that the individualism in this book is strong, unlike the fair and rational statement of ordinary thinkers, we think that it is detrimental to Bruce Lee’s image in people’s minds, and even the existence of this book is excessive. Consume his fame. But it is precisely this collection of quotations with strong personal emotions that can bring us closer to Bruce Lee, coachfilters not the tough guy on the screen, but a real person, an extraordinary ordinary person.

“The Philosophy of Life” never asked the spectators to regard it as a standard from beginning to end, after all, we can’t miss the brilliance of the bright moon just by staring at our fingers. Having seen, understood, and thought about is the greatest tribute to Bruce Lee.