effect of music on brain

We all love listening to music. Many of us will agree to the fact that music can take us to a different world. No road trip is complete without music. In fact, some people listen to inspiring songs before heading to their office. They claim that doing so can help you feel motivated and give them the zeal to work and function better. Music is not just a source of pleasure but there are a number of psychological benefits one can acquire from it. This is why there is a notion that says that music can influence the feelings and thoughts of a person.

The feeling of dullness is also not unknown going by the mundane life people have at work. But today, things are changing. Many offices today are adopting the idea of “open concept”.  Traditionally it was seen that the office spaces are limited to the cubicles. But today, offices are going for exposed work halls. It is seen that in the United States, 70% of the office space is adopting the concept of open concept. Having an open floor plan helps in creating collaborative work and breaks down the barriers where office workers find it difficult to interact with their collogues. It is also seen that having a lack of open space can make the office people feel stressed and can also affect their productivity.

Another, concept that the offices are inviting these days is the concept of music. This allows the employees to plug in their earphones and listen to the music that helps them feel fresh and active all day long. It is also a good break to the mundane work life that can restrict people from performing better. There are also a number of researches that show the benefits of music on the human brain.

Beneficial effects of music on office workers

It is always thought that for an office going person, one of the most important factors is to stay active and productive. But overall health is important as it allows them to work better. Music is seen to have a deep impact on the minds of the person.

Music affects the cognitive balance of the person

The cognition of the person is the ability of the brain that determines its capability of working and functioning well. It also determines how a person thinks, behaves, remembers and recalls things from the past, etc. Many pieces of research show listening to music in the background while working can help a person concentrate better. Therefore, today many offices are adopting this culture of letting their employees listen to music for helping them stay active and productive. Researches also show that music can help in improving the processing speed of the brain. So, next time when you are working make sure to play some music in the background that will help in boosting your mental performance.

Fight stress at work with music

Now the feeling of being stressed at work is very common. But, researches suggest that music can be an effective stress-buster when at work. Today there are different genres of music available in the music app. When feeling stressed, you can choose a piece of soothing music that will help you feel relaxed. According to a study that was conducted in the year 2013, it was seen that people who were stressed felt relaxed on listening to soothing music while others felt relaxed listing to the sound of water rippling. All of our minds work differently, and for it work effectively it is very important to choose the right music for you. All the researches show that music leaves a positive impact on the brain that helps people who are stressed.

The effect of music in the memory

When at work, there are tons of important that a person receives on a daily basis which needs to be processed and remembered accordingly. But there is a saturation point of all human beings. After a point, it becomes difficult to remember everything that seems important. Studies suggest that music is also very effective in improving and enhancing the memory of a person. This method of remembering things better is also accepted by a number of students. However, this depends on a number of factors such as the type of music that you choose to listen. Though there are positive results of people being able to remember better when they work listening to music, these results vary. As each of us is different and have different brain functioning.

Music can help you feel motivated at work

Not all days are the same when at work. There are times when we all feel low and lack the motivation to work. When you lack the motivation to work, it is best to listen to some music. It is seen that when people listen to fast-paced music, it helps them feel motivated and helps a person work harder.      This is also a big reason as to why a person while working out prefers listening to fast-paced music. Thus, choosing the right tempo of the music leaves a deep impact on the brain and helps in motivating a person. However, each person will have a different taste in music. Also, when at work and do not have the time to go through music libraries, you can go to music apps that will have a list of chosen songs for people having a hard day at work.

Music leaves a positive impact on the mood of the person

People who deal with customers or other important clients have to be at their best mood and behavior at all times. But there are times when a person can feel low. At such times, it can also affect the way we deal with clients and customers. Many studies show that listening to music can help in improving the mood of a person. There was a study that showed that people who were intentionally trying to boost their moods by listening to music helped them achieve it within 2 weeks. Choosing to listen to positive songs can help you feel happier and leaves a positive impact on the brain of the person.

The reason behind the music at the workplace

Music leaves a deep impact on the minds of the people. It is very effective in helping people feel focused on their task and stay productive all day long. Office employees seem to enjoy listening to music when they work as it helps with stress and getting better brain activity. These findings and thoughts were also expressed by Dr. Anneli Haake who wrote a Ph.D., on the effects of music listening in offices. One of the most common reasons for a person to listen to music at work is because it helps in relaxing the person, which is a key factor for people who feel stressed and exhausted working at the office for long hours. Today, the use of noise-canceling earphones helps you cut off from the world when you just on to concentrate and focus on the things that you are doing.