There is (was) a woman who stands at the corner of Highway 58 and Washington Avenue in Golden, Colorado asking for money. I eventually learned that her name was Annmarie, but to me she will always be The Pickle Lady.

The Pickle Lady asks for handouts every Saturday morning. Nothing new about that. There are many folks in Colorado that do the same thing at different intersections.

But only Annmarie dresses up like a pickle.

Yep, she stands on the side of the road wearing a pickle costume.

A giant, green adult size dill pickle.

She holds up a sign to passing cars that says “I’m in a pickle, please help me out”. I don’t know about you, but how could I not give a woman with that sense of humor a few bucks now and again?

One Saturday morning, I was stuck at the intersection at a particularly long light and had a chance to chat with her.  That’s when I learned her name was Annmarie. I told her I thought she was awesome – and she looked at me like I was nuts.

The next Saturday morning, I addressed her by name, gave her a Target gift card and wished her good luck. She reached in her pocket and handed me a lollipop. I started to say “no thanks” but she cut me off with “But I LOVE Target, and this all I have to give you in return.”

The next Saturday….no Pickle Lady. Since the day of the lollipop, Annmarie has not been in her usual spot. It’s been weeks and the Pickle Lady is gone. My cynical hubby says the cops probably chased her off. I choose to believe that she got all the help she needed and doesn’t need to beg anymore.

Annmarie, wherever you are, I hope those of us that dropped a few dollars in your basket helped you out of your pickle and that you’re happy and doing well. Miss you, crazy Pickle Lady and sending you love!

PS – A lollipop now resides in the little treasure box in my room as a reminder that someone once gave me all she had to give….