As I rewind my life back memory lane i remember how scared i was as a young adult. Back then i used to be very self-conscious, scared of speaking my mind. Looking back now i do believe that due to this not only did i loose the many opportunities that came my way but i also stunted my own growth mindset. So if there was one piece of advice i’d give my younger self that would be, Don’t stop being afraid but Do it afraid.

I would advice my younger self to shed the image that i coloured with the opinions of others & my own fears of disbelief in myself. That way even if you don’t succeed you’ll know you tried and you take something from that experience. It’s okay to not know or to figure out how things will work out, and it’s okay to be afraid, just breathe and take the risk anyway . But what’s important is to take that leap of faith, build that grit along the way and even if you fail, perceive failure not like the end of the road but like Henry Ford said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” So even you get afraid – Do it being afraid.