Claire Harvey

Storytelling is all the rage…Wait, doesn’t storytelling date back to the start of man? Isn’t storytelling the basis by which we humans communicate? Yes! AND visual storytelling has become essential in our current society where we use visuals thousands of times a day to communicate a message…..with the human attention span down to seconds (yes, I believe it is currently at 8 seconds……) it is imperative that we create imagery that quickly communicates the story we are trying to tell….So how do you create a visual that:

  1. Communicates a story to the viewer
  2. Stops the viewers in their tracks…..errrr I mean scroll
  3. Tells the viewer what they need to know

Huge brands have forever been using stories within their marketing campaigns to sell products. However studies show that millennials and beyond don’t trust these bigger brands as much anymore and tend buy from smaller “influencers” and “micro-influencers”…people they know, like and trust….those they can relate to.

The power of visual storytelling:

  1. Visuals give the ability to quickly relate to your target market with imagery you know will both communicative and appeal to them.
  2. People remember stories – authentic and appealing imagery will be remembered
  3. Attention spans are very low these days so creating engaging imagery will the most impactful way to communicate your story and get attention
  4. People are seeking connection and want to feel as though they are not along in their journey.

So, what now? You should seek out a photographer who appreciates the need to use storytelling and who appreciates YOUR specific story! Find a photographer who knows how to convert your story into meaningful imagery. Because your story is needed in the world and we as photographers are here to help the world see it.