“The outer world of circumstances shapes itself to the inner world of thought.” – James Allen

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Before discovering my truth, I would have never thought that I could transform my life by simply changing my mind!

Could it really be THAT simple? Yes, it is, but it’s not easy. You must be willing to keep moving forward and not give up when life becomes difficult. Change itself isn’t always easy, but making the decision to change is. What we think about ourselves is exactly what shows up in our lives.

There is a verse in the Bible, Prov 23:7, that states, “As a Man Thinks in His Heart so is He”.

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This verse influenced a man by the name of James Allen to write an entire book on how our thoughts literally control every detail of our lives. I highly recommend his book, published in 1903 called, “As A Man Thinketh”. I cannot count how many times I have read this book and have been deeply impacted by the life principles that Allen conveys.

What do you think about yourself?

If you know my story, you know that I have been through a traumatic experience from being sexually abused as a child. It should have destroyed me. I’ve walked through shame, unworthiness, resentment, depression, anxiety and more, but have come out stronger on the other side! Then when I discovered the truth, I understood that I no longer had to be the person I was conditioned to be.

I had the power to change my own life and here are a few truths that I’ve learned along the way!!!

  • I learned how to discover who I am by learning who I am not.
  • I learned how to place my past in contrast with who I wanted to become.
  • I learned that if there was a part of me that did not align with the new dreams I had for my life, I had to dig it up throw it out like weeds among flowers.

James Allen states in his book that our mind is like a garden. It is a soft and fertile soil and whatever seeds you plant, water, feed and devote attention to will grow. Doesn’t it seem like a great idea to fill your garden with beauty?

When you fill your mind with life-giving thoughts of love and gratitude, your life blossoms and produces something sweet and whole. Not only do you make room in your heart to receive all the abundant goodness that is waiting for you, but you make room for others to experience the same in their lives. Everyone, including you, benefits from your decision to live life this way!

When you fill your mind with fear, regret, shame, bitterness, and resentment…you cause unnecessary pain and misery for yourself. You are of no help to anyone else. Depression and anxiety become the norm and your vision is blurred of any hope for healing or restoration. I’ve learned that living life in this way is not living at all. You simply exist. You think this is how life is. You tell yourself that grief and sadness is “part of the package” and you’ve convinced others that your reasoning for feeling this way is a result of what has happened to you.

I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be what you don’t want it to be! Take responsibility for YOU! Stop wasting your life away focused on how others have treated you. Stop regretting over wrong decisions you have made in your past! Love yourself enough to break free from everything that doesn’t serve you and your highest good!

When was the last time you simply loved yourself?
I was raised to believe that loving yourself was prideful and conceited. However, I didn’t understand that loving ME was exactly what I needed to break free from the things that were holding me down. I never loved myself enough to change my own life. I blamed others for the way I was and was of the mindset that I had no control over my circumstances. Once I realized my worthiness, that I am worthy of an abundantly full, beautifully radiant life – life has never been the same!

I challenge you today to decide who you want to be. Love yourself enough to begin changing your own life. Be kind to yourself. Love who you are when you are feeling gratitude. Appreciate the great things about you and focus on what makes you feel alive and on fire inside!

Do whatever it takes to place in front of you ONLY thoughts that build and grow beauty in your life!

Throw out the mulled over thoughts that no longer serve the person you want to become! If you don’t like your life, make a decision to live a new life! Decide to walk away from the hurtful thoughts that have stopped you from becoming the greatest version of yourself.

My friend, you are worthy of so much more!

There is no denying the power that is within you when you finally decide to be free!