Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it got me thinking about the heart.

Contrary to today’s scientific and rationally-based notion that our brain is the most important organ in our body and, hence, the ‘center’ of our being, the Maya believed that the heart was the sacred center and most important part of our being, ‘the place where compassion, love and beauty reside.’ 1

For the Maya … each person had a sacred heart, formed by a series of moods & states that transit through the cosmos. This sacred heart is the container of emotions, states of mind, personal values, memories, and will power. 2

Author and teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek teaches that the heart emits an electromagnetic field, the Merkaba, that is 55 to 60 feet in diameter and surrounds our bodies. 3

If the heart can not only feel but also ‘think,’ then our instinct, intuition, values, emotions and memories are far more important than previously imagined.

Listen to your heart

As more and more people begin to ‘awaken,’ that is to say feel—not necessarily understand, but intuit—that our planet is undergoing an elevation in consciousness, a shift to higher vibrational frequency, the heart will play a greater role.

It is said that more Indigo children 4 (or similar) are being born. These children are very advanced: they vibrate on a higher vibrational frequency, are ‘old souls,’ and score very high on the emotional intelligence scale (EQ). I’ve heard it said that these kids are so advanced that they are easily able to, for example, place their hand through a wall.

I readily admit that it may be difficult to believe such an assertion without witnessing such an event. Or is it? After all, many Christians believe in the miracles performed by Jesus without having seen him in action. We are also familiar with the story of doubting Thomas and how faith is expected by God.


The gateway to such elevated acts of power that fall outside the scope of our ordinary way of seeing and understanding the world is accessed by, and starts with, gratitude. Oprah said that she keeps a gratitude journal in which she writes down all the things—even little things—that she’s grateful for. She says that it’s only when we are grateful for the things that we presently have that we can attract more and better things.

Gratitude—genuine feelings of heartfelt thankfulness for the blessings in our lives—is the empowering trigger that generates miracles in our lives, miracles that enable us to thrive.

May we be grateful for everything God has given us; fearlessly accept the fact that we are undergoing a planetary transformation which will lead to new inventions, new developments and the extinction of old ways of thinking; and relish in our ability to thrive during this process.


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