The month of October often brings transition. The remainders of summer quickly fade into dark mornings and brisk air. But the change isn’t only in the weather and the sky. It’s also in us. No longer interested in shedding layers from the heat, we begin to wrap ourselves up a little more. And by turning our focus inward, we can take the time to focus on ourselves and how we choose to adorn our bodies, and our spirit. I saw embrace this renewal. Let’s indulge in this self-reawakening with the excitement of the new season.

Adorning ourselves can mean a beautiful new throw, or it can indicate how we care for our physical body. But when we realize our body and spirit are wholly-connected and we align them both, we can indulge in complete self-care, physically and spiritually. Focusing on our physical wellbeing brings peace and tranquility to our minds and spirit. Spending the day (or even 15 minutes) enhancing our mind and body can translate to different things to each of us, including an opportunity for new regimens and rituals. We often associate the seasons with particular scents and textures, bringing a refreshing excitement to each new phase of our year. October is an excellent month to begin preparing our skin, hair, and wellbeing for the coming months of colder, darker, and drier weather. Our attention and body adornment make us look good, and most importantly, feel good.

Whether we are heading to our favorite sound bath or our place of work, we start our mornings by embellishing with fabric expressions of ourselves. How does our personal style reflect our inner being? How do we feel in this space of self-identity? Do the choices we make in fashion really express who we are? Do we feel beautiful? Are our choices honoring our sincere desire for self-enhancement? Like our fashion, the products we use on our bodies are also a way of adorning. When we take the time to seek out scents, textures, ingredients, and values of products that align with our sense of spirit, we are continuing down the path of self-love. We enjoy the feeling of caring for our bodies. We may notice our mood is lifted when smelling a favorite scent. The palpable sensation of our silky skin after an essential oil bath can calm and comfort after a long, arduous day.

We also seek the support of wellness and beauty professionals in our desire to beautify our body and soul. When we are treated by a trusted massage therapist, we are being comforted and healed by their touch. A hairstylist with a skillful eye and expert hands can leave you feeling gorgeous and renewed. We create a connection of trust during this ritual of adornment from another being. There is an exchange of energy. How that person makes you feel is just as important as how you look. Never forget that we also have the power to heal with our touch or words, we can bring an exchange of positivity and love for those who serve in their work.

We can further adorn our inner selves with traits and ideas that bring wellness and peace. We exchange energy with everyone we come in contact with. When we come in contact with people that have taken the conscious effort to participate in self-care and adornment, we take notice. They reflect sublime qualities we find becoming and leave us mirroring their inner beauty. We walk away joyful, refreshed, and smiling. Taking a little bit of time every morning to focus on the energy and qualities we want to expand in ourselves will not only make our day much more pleasant, but also allow us to share our energy. It is an opportunity to co-create an authentic experience.

Imagine the scent of your favorite flower or herb in silky body oil. Or, a luxuriously rich face cream. Either of these things (or both) can be set on a bedside table ready to adorn your skin. Add to that a scented candle and 10-minutes of meditation, prayer, or reflection as your last moment of relaxation before a restful sleep. Combining spiritual and physical adornment creates a cohesive state of energy. It makes us feel better about ourselves and the state of the world.

It’s all adornable, when you embrace the season.