As a young girl, I believed that I am part of this planet earth, which is orbiting so gracefully and slowly. Therefore, as small and as trivial as I am, still, I am amazing and I am powerful as is nature and everything else around me. Looking back, if I knew what I know now, to declare and claim my power and strength as a being from my creator, I would certainly start believing in myself way before I started believing in the whole universe with everything in it: the moon, the stars, the rivers, the mountains, and the oceans. I would believe in myself even before I started believing in art, poetry, and music. Believing in myself would be the soil, which I could continue planting in with the trust that everything planted would bountifully flourish.

I think life is a school, and we are all students, learning. As it happens, some of us are in a higher class and are taking different subjects, but nevertheless, we are all constantly presented with tests and homework to work on our shortcomings, so that we can be elevated to a higher level.

Image Credit: Mahvash Mossaed

Looking back, I can see so many life lessons and subjects I have failed and had to retake, and so many other life subjects that I thrived in. But the final result was that I learned to give myself permission to fly. I also learned that how high I can fly is only determined by my own perspective of myself, as if I see myself as an eagle or a sparrow. We clip our own wings just so that we cannot fly any higher. We set our own limitations. If ever we think we are stuck in a prison, then we should know that we are the prisoner, the prison, and the guard all at the same time.

Image Credit: Mahvash Mossaed

As for me, I search inside for the little girl I was in that old photograph, running in the field of wild flowers. When I find her, she so much resembles me, and I take her in where she can meet the young woman I was, the wise woman I am, and the older woman I will be, and I let all these aspects of mine embrace, unite, and become one.

Originally published at on March 19, 2017.

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