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DESIREis an atom of success. A man needs the intense desire for the Dreams he wants desperately. As Atom is a base of all matter presented in the world, Desire is also ‘A Base of Success.’

All the world works this way.

Desire—-passion—- purpose—-success

Nothing is more powerful than ‘THE POWER OF DESIRE’.

If we want something truly, then we need to desire it profoundly. This is a starting point where vague thoughts meet with cemented purpose.After it, Everything is achievable.

Desire is different from wishes.

A wish is just only one’s whimsical yearning that will be faded in few days. It comes time to time and vaporize frequently through some point of time. But, Desire is a different thing. It isn’t a whimsical yearning but it comes out from Deep heart and burn internally. It keeps a man ever Restless until it accomplish by him.

Yeah! I know you are thinking that It is an abstract idea which suits in theory but no chance in practically.

Let’s more explore the ‘THE POWER OF DESIRE’ by a story of two different nature men.

Two men( Man X and Man Y) has got the employment in a factory at same grade pay ( ₹10000/- per month). They both join the factory next day.

The Man ‘X’ is a dull and elusive man who doesn’t want more from his life. He doesn’t have any desire. He comes factory at 9am and goes his home at 6pm. This become his daily schedule of life. On Sundays, he has spent its in his home sleeping and watching the television.

While on the other hand, the Man ‘Y’ , having desires to earn more and reach the more higher level. So, he begins to put up more efforts in his job and utilising the idle period in learning more skills.

Twenty years later…

The man ‘X’ remains same, still earning ₹14000/- per month. He lives in the same house, somehow managing to send his children in a public school. He becomes more old and fatty.

While The man ‘Y’ is become the Manager in a competitive factory. He is earning ₹100000/- per month now, having accessible items to ease his life much more. He sends his children in a private school. He is having two cars and two servants.

In short moral of story is…

All the changes happen in the Man ‘Y’ because he is having desire to grow from here and earn more.

Never Underestimate the power of Desire. A man without having Desire become a living dead who just wasting his life. They are living their life just because of blood flow in their veins.


How do we achieve success only through thinking or desiring of it?

If you read the Book ‘THINK AND GROW RICH’ by NAPOLEON HILL, you may surprise that the quintessential point he made which a man needs to accumulate large fortune in it, is Desire.

DESIRE has an unique power that can stimulate our ‘Unused brain’ and ‘lazy senses’ efficiently. Reawakening our Brain through Desire will be worked as a driver who takes us where ever we want to go.

It can connect you with your subconscious mind ( least knowledgeable and research subject at present times). Once you feed your Desire to your subconscious mind, it will be handled by your Brain magically itself.

Then, Your Brain says to you “ Let’s leave it to me now, I can handle upto the point that it becomes easily achievable.”

The problems which are looking impossible to be solved, magically Solving itself just by applying the simple mind.

It is a subtle concept but it works ( Believe me or not, but one day you will be thankful once you use it practically).

Have you read the stories of successful person ever before?

When you do so, you have noticed or will be noticed that Every successful person has same key component which make them Successful.

This key component is ‘DESIRE

From Mahatma Gandhi to Thomas Alva Edison, all became successful because they had Desire.

Gandhi’s desire to see India as free from the clutches of Britishers led him to confront the powerful Britishers all alone. While Edison’s desire to produce an electricity bulb took him in a position where 1000 failures didn’t matter to him.

This is what the power of Desire can do. It gives the man enough eternal strength who then boldly confront any challenge how hard it seems.

It’s quite difficult to understand the ‘MAGNETIC POWER OF DESIRE’. Humans have tendency to reject those things or laws that can’t be identified by five senses of our Body.

Well, for those who denying the fact of The magnetic power of Desire. I argue them to keep ‘FAITH’ in it. Even though it is not proven yet by Scientists but one day it will be.

Well, We haven’t seen ALMIGHTY POWER with our own eyes but still we believe in it. That type of faith we need in the concept of Desire as well if we want to be successful in life.

The End



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