Its a book I picked up 5 years ago…and didn’t finish. I just started reading it again and I am surprised I was able to put it down. Or, not really…given a nasty habit I had of not finishing what I started.

With intention, over the past 5 years, I have transformed that habit into one of accomplishment. The reason I came back to this book is that I set for myself a goal to go back and finish everything I had started, and felt was of value to me in some way.

This is book 4 of 5 I had left partly read. Some were dense, others several hundred pages and others short and complex. No excuses though – it is my goal to read all five of these puppies in full.

Along with books, I have a coding course I started in 2015 on my todo list; an MBA which I left for an experiential global MBA (I put a “done” checkmark next to this one) – I will go back and graduate because of the value the MBA brings to my career; plus, half of my second Camino de Santiago.

Time is of the essence and I invest in these ventures as my life allows. There is no rush or pressure though; simply an assurance that I will finish those things along with everything else that I start.

This process of transforming myself into someone who finishes what she starts has taught me something else – and it took picking up this book again, The Power of Habit, to realize it:

The profound truth that when we change a “Keystone Habit,” we learn how to proactively create other habits in our lives.

Next on my list: a regular exercise routine. What’s on the horizon for your new life?

Do you believe it is possible to make a change? Let me know. Your feedback shapes my work.

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