My dream of success is having millions of dollars and financial peace of mind for me and my family. The thing is, I was down and out and flat broke not that long ago. What set me on this journey to living out my wildest dreams was so simple, I wish I could tell it to everyone out there grinding through a 9-5 (or longer) life. It’s all about conditioning your mind in the right way, and once you flip the switch there’s no turning back.

Conquer Your Conscious Mind

When you want something, like bigger muscles, making more money, getting a wife etc., you need to defeat your conscious mind. The conscious mind is the biggest problem when trying to achieve your desires. The battle between your subconscious and the conscious mind is what is holding most people back. Your conscious mind is the one that second guesses everything you do and keeps you from taking advantage of opportunities. To get around this, you need to cultivate and train your subconscious to be filled with intention.

Working this into your everyday life is so simple, but you need to do it every day. To work on intention, just write down what you want. No one does this and it’s a shame, because you can’t trust your memory. As soon as you think about something you want, someone in your life is going to disrupt your attention and you’ll forget. Writing things down is imperative because when you actually write things down, you are doing what is called “Conscious imprinting.” This ingrains what you want in your mind at a very deep level.

Intend to Succeed and the Rest Will Follow

The reason why your intention is not manifesting is that when you say what you want, it’s just words. They disappear as soon as you say them so it’s not powerful enough. To make your intentions real, use the five senses. We experience the world through all of our senses, but we treat motivation as just thoughts. Writing down your goals and dreams makes your intention concrete. It gives you a solid place to stand when life isn’t going your way at the moment.

By imprinting these goals into your mind you bring your intention to life, and eventually, it will become a core belief. Here’s one to get you started: “Good things happen to me”. Set that as your intention and eventually it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you’re open to all the opportunities the world has to offer there’s no limits on how far you can go.

Master your intention and the world opens up to you. When your intention couples with your true authentic feelings, you will produce the results you want. This can be in any area of your life, as the power of intention works not just in making millions of dollars, but in any goal you may have. Create and carry your intention with you everyday and you too could be living your dream life.

Wesley Virgin, a self-made multi-millionaire, and owner of several online businesses. He empowers and helps others find wealth and achieve financial freedom. Follow him at