So many wise ones throughout history have counseled on the power

of love. The L.O.V.E. formula that follows isn’t an exercise that’s meant to be answered like a quiz. It’s a framework for ongoing inquiry into having the life you love, the work you desire, and the world we all want to live in.


L — Look at something in the world that touches you, that triggers something — in the news or in your neighborhood or somewhere in between. Learn about it, be curious, open, willing to suspend what you “know” so you can see what’s there, seek a wide range of understanding. Just sit with the issue, get present with it, drill down into the passion that makes this a concern for you.

O — Own it. Why does it matter to you? What is it about this issue that resonates with something in you? How does the issue impact your life? What difference does it make to you?

V — Value. What are 2 or 3 underlying values that feel violated or reinforced by your concern? What’s most important, the most fundamental aspect of the issue? What core concerns does it raise for you? What’s your vision for something better?

E — Evolve it. Evolving an issue happens with anything from changing your mind or saying a prayer, to running for office or giving to, or even starting, a non-profit. What’s not said and done can evolve things as much as what is.

Evolution happens with every decision not to proliferate the issue by telling an old story about it, and so it can happen by just being quiet when we might have complained. Evolving an issue involves consciously evolving the stories we tell and which stories we participate in.

Consciously changing your language and your engagement with self and others is issue evolution. That’s because story changing creates an ontological shift. In other words, raising our awareness and purposefulness transforms the ground of being from which our cultural story is written.

Whether it’s an online post, a new social conversation, working with/giving to an organization or a movement, or whether it’s a just a little nudge in the space of your own heart and soul, it’s all good. A paradigm shift is inherently a shift in consciousness at every level. L.O.V.E. is always a good starting place.

Dr. Joni Carley, author of “The Alchemy of Power: Mastering the invisible factors of leadership” gained expertise in leadership and cultural transformation through experience ranging from the jungle to the boardroom, from the C-suite to the podium, the African Bush to Asian Temples, and from universities to the UN. A former professor and current consultant, Dr. Joni contributed to “Stepping Stones To Success, vol. 1,” with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield.


  • Dr. Joni Carley

    Values-Driven Leadership & Cultural Development

    Dr. Joni Carley, author of "The Alchemy of Power: mastering the invisible factors of leadership,"  applies her expertise in values-driven leadership and cultural development at the United Nations where her activities include Vice Chair of the UN Coalition for Global Citizenship 2030 and Advisor and Senior Fellow at NonViolence International, New York. Her Advising and Consulting practice serves private and public sector leaders by helping them create values-driven systems. Joni uses data-based methodologies to support development of transformative ideas into inspired actions - ensuring that activities are measured and managed in in such a way that they effect deep, systemic, quantifiable change.