“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

If you’re reading this now, there is a good chance you can identify with at least two of the following subjects;

  1. You speak English
  2. You own a business
  3. You want to make a positive impact in the world

Entrepreneurship, by nature, is both a thrilling journey and a lionhearted decision one makes in the belief that success, by one’s subjective definition, is attainable. As the world scrambles to find better solutions for the most pressing issues we face, such as global warming, ending world hunger, and pandemics like that of the one we’re currently facing together, there has been an apparent spike in entrepreneurship. Well known billionaire, investor, and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, is betting that the coronavirus will create, “world-changing companies,”  as stated in a Yahoo Finance interview on March 31, 2020. Ask yourself something, how many of those companies will be spearheaded by entrepreneurs worldwide? The thought alone is enough to make your brain buzz. It takes confidence to start and run a thriving company, and as most successful entrepreneurs will tell you, a significant amount of their success is owed to their ability to communicate their purpose and message effectively to the population.

You could be the smartest person in the room, but if you are unable to communicate your ideas, who will know? This is one of the challenges that leading online education expert and founder of GoNaturalEnglish.com, Gabby Wallace, has come to understand through her 20 years of teaching English fluency to thousands of international professionals. Using the digital space as a learning platform, GoNaturalEnglish.com teaches intermediate and advanced learners effective communication techniques for real-life situations. Rather than textbook assignments and worksheets, Wallace teaches her students how to communicate in the real world, with real people.

“Without knowing the language, you’ll never truly understand the culture or the people, which is essential for relationships, travel, and doing business.” 

There is a whole world out there of talented people who could one day change the world, but fall short of doing so simply because they are unable to pitch a business idea in English to acquire funding for their startup, close a deal with an English speaking client, or make that vital connection at a networking event. According to leading language expert, David Crystal, non-native speakers outnumber native speakers by a ratio of 1 to 3. Take a moment to visualize the outcome of non-native speakers taking steps to improve their English skills, and then applying those skills in the business arena. As a woman, professional online educator, and entrepreneur, Wallace believes in the power of community through language. As she insisted in her TEDx talk, Small Steps to Reach The World, “the most valuable thing that has come out of all of this, is creating an international community, encouraging that connection.”

For the greater good

We can all agree: Powerful results are inevitable when you combine brilliant people from all over the world, a shared vision to find solutions to the issues we face, and one language to unite them. The sheer flood of unique ideas and newfound opportunity alone could be the force we need to solve problems on a global scale.

About Gabby Wallace and GoNaturalEnglish.com

Gabby Wallace is the founder of GoNaturalEnglish.com, which helps millions of people, globally, increase their fluency in English with her uniquely designed online English courses. Wallace is also well-known for her free online resources found on her YouTube channel, Go Natural English, with almost two million subscribers. Wallace has helped students and professionals communicate better in English in their research papers, diplomatic duties, marketing content, sales roles, pharmaceutical sciences positions, and business endeavors.  Wallace has trained over 10,000 students through GoNaturalEnglish.com and millions more with her free content. With her amassed 20 years of an extensive career teaching English as a second language, in combination with 9 years of online teaching and entrepreneurial experience, and Master’s in education, Wallace has accumulated and cultivated a deep understanding of what drives a successful learning environment in the macrocosm of digital education.