I ran off autopilot for a long time. Living and working towards society’s definition of “success” or what Silicon Valley had deemed as “making it”. That path ultimately drove me to a burnout. Yes over the years I took wild adventures to literally the TOP OF THE WORLD, Mt. Everest, and other peaks globally, but ultimately I was coming back to a fraction of myself in the day to day. Was it possible to carry the wildness and truth I felt in myself in these wild places and environments on a daily basis? It was in there, inside, so there must be a way.

The question was, “What would happen if I stepped into my Wild Truth?” What would happen if you did? It was an elusive question for many years, even a bit scary. In my heart and spirit there it lived, the wildness innate in me, yet my mind could easily convince me that only parts of it could be revealed to the outside world be able to “fit in” and “make it.” So many of us are living a fraction of our lives, of our potential, hiding our truth that in many cases, society, old conditioning, old belief systems, beliefs that are not even ours to begin with keep us dialed back from living fully.

The thing is not only we miss out on living our best lives, so does the world around us, as when we thrive so does everything around us. Our truth speaks to us on a daily basis, but it’s up to us if we listen to it or let it get muffled by a list of “should’s,” “could’s,” and “can’ts.”

When we step into our truth we are free. It’s a process, and most of the times not an easy one. We have to die, and let a lot of things we thought “should be” go in order to be born into all that we already are. The reality is that nothing outside of us holds our truth. It’s already there within.

Truth is a choice. We have to give ourselves permission to step into our wild unapologetic truth. When we do, it shines through us and onto the world. The world needs more truth seekers shining their light, especially now when our planet is at stake.

Experiencing our ultimate truth and total liberation is a life journey. After all, the most courageous thing we can do is be ourselves.

Joy, peace, and freedom comes from within when we can live from our Wild Truth. From this space that is free of the burden of past conditioning, beliefs, and experiences we can step into the present moment and into the power and limitless potential that exists in each and everyone of us.

It’s a joy in my work as a coach/guide and speaker to help others step into their truth. Here to support this community of truth seekers.


  • Georgina Miranda

    CEO She Ventures || Adventure Athlete|| Transformation Coach|| Speaker || Activist

    Georgina has helped people and companies transform for over a decade. She is a social entrepreneur, adventure athlete, international speaker, writer, transformation coach, consultant, mindfulness and energy practitioner, and founder and CEO of She Ventures. An adventure athlete, Georgina is in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam, a grueling challenge of climbing the highest peak on each continent and skiing to the North and South Pole. A feat that less than 20 women have completed globally. This journey has taken her to climb Mt. Everest twice, and began in 2008, when she could barely run a mile. Her mission is to share the stories of women and places at risk highlighting gender-based violence and climate change. She also shares how mindfulness and a shift in mindset was the key to her own personal transformation. Featured & Quoted In: Forbes, Vox, Glamour, NBC News, Mindful Magazine, Intel, Women’s Health, Huff Post, Latina, and many more media outlets and films. She uses her voice and adventures to advocate for women’s rights and equality, climate change, and mental wellness. A Latina with Indigenous Central American Ancestry and the daughter of immigrants from Nicaragua and El Salvador. An activist, mountaineer, skier, world traveler, yogi, meditator, reiki practitioner, & overall adventurer inside and out.