Just two years ago I found myself sitting in a restaurant with a member of my weekly Mastermind group. I shared with them that I felt the world could use another branded speaking series.

He asked me some questions about what I envisioned the brand looking like, and what I felt it could become.

I ultimately said that I wanted the color theme to be blue and I wanted the brand to be about business messages, life stories and spirituality.

I eventually said, maybe the name should be blue, but spelled bLU.

Then he asked, will bLU stand for something, and I said well maybe the b could be for business, the L could be for life and the only struggle would how could the U would represent spirituality. That’s when I decided the brand name should stand for business, life, universe.

That was the thought.

Now, unlike what we’re often told, thoughts rarely become things without action.

After that conversation, I planned what that action should be. I realized we should launch some live talks. Perhaps we would record each talk, and then edit and polish the videos and then share those videos (speeches) weekly on platforms like YouTube.

To skip many things in-between, we found ourselves recording live talks in Western Canada, San Diego and on-site at Harvard University.

Since that time, and again, I’m skipping some details here, bLU Talks has become a brand that is comprised of videos from those live talks, a virtual stage highlighting speakers, a book series, podcast and more.

We have featured roughly 100 people on our live stages. We have helped roughly 200 people become bestselling authors. We have featured close to 300 people on our virtual stages, and we have featured roughly 100 people on the bLU Talks podcast.

Between just the virtual stages and our youtube channel, we have welcomed roughly 300,000 viewers.

Each book in the series (we’re working on book # 5 and # 6 right now) has been a # 1 Bestseller, the 2nd book was listed as one of the most popular books in 2020 by Thinkers 360, the books have made their way to Walmart and Target. The podcast has been featured multiple times on Podcast Magazine’s Hot 50 Chart. The virtual stage has featured well known speakers like Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Hansen, Larry Winget, Shay Rowbottom, Evan Carmichael and others.

We have also signed a deal with KNEKT TV and producer Kent Speakman has helped us get the series on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Play and more.

Most recently, as a result of Season 1 being on KNEKT TV, Kent was also able to help us get featured on IMDb.

Now, I say all of these things not to promote our brand or from an Ego perspective and simply to say, this brand was all just a thought 2 years ago and today it is, in my opinion, a living, breathing thing.

With a little elbow grease (action) and a lot of support, and a lot of visualization (including a vision board), this brand now has a life of its own.

Again, thanks too many, many people (too many to name), bLU Talks is now serving many others, yet none of it would have started without first, a thought, and then action.

With that, I have some questions:

  1. What thoughts have you had lately?
  2. Have you taken action on them?
  3. When will you help them become things?

These are actually some questions, as simple as they sound, I should have asked many times in the past when I had thoughts that should have become things.

Now, I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about bLU Talks, feel free to check us out at www.blutalks.com