The Power of Manifesting: Get Clear and Create — Heather Sweeney

“Dear Universe,

I am living in my own home, full of positive energy and light. My new home is in Amherst, NH and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is just enough space for me and the kids and for the things we need. I have a garage to store the kids toys and bikes and for my car in the winter. This home is full of love and warmth. It has character and I feel so proud when friends and family come to visit. There are beautiful flowers all around and our neighbors are wonderful. There is porch that I can sit on to relax. It is peaceful. This home has a yard for the kids to play and there is a fire pit for us to have fires and make s’mores. This home is perfect for our new beginning. Every time I enter the front door, I smile big and feel so happy.

I ask that you help me to manifest this new home by the Fall of this year and guide me down the path to being able to financially support myself, my family, and our new home.

Thank you for your guidance, for all of my blessings, and for the abundance you provide me each and every day.”

This is my journal entry from June 5, 2018.

I had decided that a divorce was inevitable and I knew that I needed to prepare for the massive life changes that would come with that decision. I knew that I would leave our family home by choice and begin to create the life that I had been envisioning on my own. I knew that I wanted my kids to feel safe and secure in the new space that I would provide for them considering the massive change that they too were about to experience.

I had no idea how any of these things were going to happen.

I was scared out of mind because for the first time in what felt like a lifetime, there was only unknown territory ahead. I remember thinking early on that while it was scary as all hell to not know what lie ahead, it was also awesome to think that I had this blank canvas in front of me, what I now call the field of endless possibility, to create my life with intention and purpose from the ground up. Thankfully, the fear that was creeping up was squashed by my own intuition, my own knowing that everything would be OK. I found myself fully letting go, trusting in the process, and believing with full faith that I would step off the ledge, out of my marriage, out of the life that I had known for so many years, and fly.

I have had a relationship with journaling since I was a little girl.

When I was a young girl, around eight, I remember my journal had the tiniest lock and the tiniest key to hide away what, at the time, felt like my giant secrets. You know, the ones about the boy I had a crush on or the swear word I heard on the bus or the sleepover I had with Mandy, my BFF for life, where we felt like rebels because we stayed up way past our bedtime despite her parents telling us to go to sleep.

As I got older, my journals were a place to write out my deepest, darkest secrets, a place to express myself through poetry, a place to explore my emotions and my feelings, a place to navigate life with all its’ twists and turns.

When I got married, I stopped journaling all together and I didn’t start again until 2017. That was the year that I began to realize things were changing, my feelings were changing, my vision for my future was changing. It was the year that I began to know that I would not be married forever.

As I look back at those journals from 2017, the entries begin as surface stories. I think I was afraid to write out how I was really feeling because in some way that would mean it was real. I think I had shoved so much down inside me that I didn’t know where to start. I think I was afraid that what I wrote would be found and that would be the end of it all. I wasn’t quite ready to admit in permanent ink on paper that deep down I knew I needed to be on my own. And so I wrote a bunch of fluff. It was like a warm up for the real thing.

In the Winter of 2017, the tone of my entries changed. Late one night, I watched “ The Secret “. I had read the book years prior with minimal impact on my life at the time. But this time around, I remember so clearly when the movie ended thinking, “I am going to manifest my life from this point forward. I am going to create what I want in this one life I get to live.” And so I began to do just that.

My first journal entries around manifesting were like muddy waters. I was focusing on what I didn’t want instead of what I did want. I was not clear in my vision or my ask to the Universe.

As a friend once said to me, the Universe does not do wishy-washy.

No wonder nothing was happening!

My first entry about a new home was in May of 2018. Between May and June of 2018, as I wrote over and over about this new space, I fine tuned my vision, I got crystal clear on what I wanted, and I continued to ask the Universe for help. Enter my journal entry above from June 5, 2018 where I painted the picture of how my new home would look and feel. I got specific in my ask in terms of how many bedrooms and bathrooms and the indoor and outdoor spaces and all the rest.

Three months passed from the time I wrote that journal entry and the time the Universe delivered. For three months, I wrote over and over the vision of my new home, of my new space, how it looked and how it felt. During that time, I explored rental homes in our town, but the two available were giant and way out of my price range. I explored two apartments that were available as well, and both felt much too small and dark and just not right at all. So I held steady in my belief that the Universe was busy at work for me, getting something better ready for me, and I simply believed with unwavering faith that everything would be OK.

In September of 2018, I was standing on my friends back deck while at a birthday party for her son when I overheard a mutual friend of ours talking about how her house, that had been under major renovations for too long, was finally ready to be moved back into. My ears perked up from across the deck, everything else around me went quiet, in that moment the world momentarily stopped and a rush of chills ran through my body. You see, the home she had been living in while her house was under renovation was a rental. Several months prior, if not more, she had welcomed me into that rental home to do a wine tasting for her and some friends through my side business with ONEHOPE Wine. I remember that night like it was yesterday because I had never been in this home in the Village, the center of our town, and when I entered, the energy of the home was simply amazing and the kitchen, the only part that I saw that evening, was beautiful. It had always stuck with me. I had no idea at the time that I would one day call it my home.

On November 15, 2018, I officially moved into my new home…THAT home…in the Village in Amherst, NH. Today, as I write this piece to share with YOU, I am sitting at the built in desk in the kitchen of that very same home and I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude at how this all unfolded.

My home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is just enough space for me and the kids and the things that we need. The kids toys and bikes are in our garage and in the winter, my car finds safe haven from the snow there. This home is filled with so much love and warmth that at times, I am overwhelmed with emotion thinking about how amazing it feels to be here. There are original wood beams in the kitchen, the house is filled with history and character and I feel so proud when friends and family come to visit for the first time and every time thereafter. Outside my front door there are hydrangea and roses and lilies and lilac bushes. Our neighbors on both sides are wonderful and supportive and loving. There is a three season porch, currently screened in for summer, where I work and listen to the birds chirp all around and where I relax in the evening with a glass of wine feeling the warm breeze on my skin. It is so peaceful. We have a back yard and side yard where the kids play and laugh and have fun with friends. Our fire pit in the back yard has been used countless times and is certainly no stranger to s’mores. This home has been so perfect for our new beginning. Every time I turn the key to unlock our side door, I smile so big and feel so happy.

The Universe will manifest with you and deliver what you ask for. It may not come in the package you imagined, but it will come, and when it does, it will be the most magical gift you receive. You will know in that moment, like I did when I stood on my friends back deck that day, that the Universe has your back. That you are not alone. That all you need to do is ask, believe, and receive.

THAT is the power of clarity. THAT Is the power of belief. THAT is the power of manifesting.

Get clear on your vision. Embrace it with unwavering faith and belief. Grab hold of your blank slate, your field of endless possibility, and start creating exactly what you want in this one life you get to live.

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