Ask yourself again, can negativity be good for you? 

It might not seem like a usual title and some critics might think it to be a click bait. Well, I have an explanation for every query that might arise when you read this title.

Since our childhood, we have been hearing a lot about the power of positivity on various aspects of our life. And yeah, it doesn’t take the brightest mind to realize how positivity could be your best friend in the times of crisis.

But since we are grown up to understand things from various perspective, let’s have a close look at the power of negativity and how it can help us achieve things we could only dream of.

Negativity helps you find the real you

It is only during the times of adversity that you will recognize your true strengths. Take an example, how would you like to fail at your graduate level after having topped all the classes until you reached the college? It is surely a moment of despair and self-doubt. But don’t you think that bitter experience gives you a vivid image of where you went terribly wrong? Maybe, you were too confident about your abilities that you lost the sight of reality. Life, in its most primal form, is about finding your true self. Then, why not a failure and its associated negative feelings help you determine your true strengths? Get ready to fail and feel.

Negativity is indispensable to protection from threats

A few days ago, I watched a video by Dr. Maureen Gaffney on “science of happiness”. Since then, my concept of negativity has changed astonishingly. After days of pondering over the matter, I realized that negativity is an evolutionary arm that guards you against external threats. Like Dr. Maureen says threat can kill you and thus, negativity can save you. On the contrary, positivity guides us towards opportunities. As a matter of fact, missing a few opportunities won’t kill you but threats can be fatal.

Negativity is a source of energy

Just like positivity, negativity can be a major boost to your will to succeed. Negativity does not necessarily make you unhappy as long as you use it rationally. When I refer to negativity as a source of energy, almost every reader will think I am pessimistic or love the darker of life. But take a fresh view of the lines above and think – if you are struggling with a major problem in your life, negativity can serve as the most reliable source of energy to rise again. Here’s how this philosophy goes, hitting the bottom created a void in your head, a positivity during such moments is usually too feeble to make an impact. But when the negativity in the void works in your mind, it can work wonders and give you the strength beyond imagination.

Takeaway Message

Negativity can be as powerful and constructive as positivity. It’s all about how you utilize the hidden strengths of these opposite forces. Keep in mind to balance your inherent negativity with positivity. After all, life is also about balance where every opposing force has its own value.

Learn to respect the power of negativity.