Innumerable essays have been written on the art of saying ‘NO’, but ‘How do we say NO appropriately’? IMHO, this is not only a leadership wisdom, the ‘No saying’ skill is basic and is required for all of us in common.

Speaking of common reminds me of Frank Lloyd’s saying “There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.”It surprises me how we focus on many uncommon things and not on the simple aspects of life.

The word NO has humbled and empowered me personally ever since I chose to be in a constant state of conscious awareness and self-acceptance.

Why couldn’t I say NO?

1.Mindful Extraversion is my thing, when I talk am aware of the context and the content but am afraid if I may hurt a friend or a bunch of people in a group setting by saying NO.So it is fear of saying NO.#mindfulextraversion

Will my ‘Sociability’ be impacted if I said NO? #sociability

2.I talk things that makes sense, and when am appreciated, encouraged for the same, it gives me a ‘HIGH’ plus people show their admiration and this makes me feel obligated to be a person of ‘Pleasant Disposition’.#pleasantdisposition

Will my Likeability be impacted if I said NO?#likeability

Does it make me better by constantly thinking about Sociability, Likeability or is it good for me ‘Being Better’ than ‘Feeling Better’? #thoughtprovoking

Can I maintain my Profile of ‘Being a person of pleasant disposition’ even after I said NO?’

The answer to this BOLD question is a BOLD ‘YES’ because BOLD questions deserve BOLD answers.

By saying ‘NO’ to people/things at appropriate situations we actually say ‘YES’ to ourselves and we keep our inner dominion protected/guarded, for if we don’t guard ourselves who else will?

By saying ‘NO’ we set boundaries and don’t let anyone cross our energetic boundaries because we rule our territory.

By saying ‘NO’ we don’t become a Naysayer rather we become assertive, awakened individuals who extend grace to thyself.

A powerful ‘NO’ is said in a strong, firm voice both verbally/non-verbally and words could be well thought of /chosen so it doesn’t feel embarrassing for the sayer and the listener.

A powerful ‘NO’ is said with clarity and conviction thus making the sayer happy about the decision.

A powerful ‘NO’ exhibits self-love as we put ourselves ‘First’ and extend kindness to our self first because we don’t want to regret saying ‘YES’ first and later regret and be guilty.

Certain thoughts/beliefs have been handed down to us by people/society and we have absorbed all of these patterns, simply because we believe it is the best since it’s readymade(easily available), but the process of questioning our assumptions and exploring will certainly lead to overcoming our self-limiting beliefs and assumptions.

It is not wrong to have learned a few things that have been taught to us directly or indirectly, but it is important to work on all of these to become better individuals and raise the collective consciousness of our communities.