‘The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay,’ is a book that every person should read. It taught me that whatever adverse life situations you find yourself in, it’s up to you to forge a path out of it.  

It was a book that touched my soul and thankfully so, as my enchanted protected life was turned upside down later in my life, where I found myself returning to this book many times for comfort and for inspiration.

The most important lesson this book taught me, was to never, never give up. Where there is darkness there is always light and hope, and this mantra has led me out of some of life’s darkest times.

I love to be taken away by a book, and if I’m not I don’t complete reading it. I love to curl up on my sofa, with my favourite herbal tea and become lost in the story. I have written a Memoir that is currently with a Publisher and that was my soul purpose to have the reader ‘become lost immersed in my story.’

Reading is part of my evening ritual. No phones, no computers, just my favourite book before bedtime.