My daughter always wanted a dog. Me? No way. Too much work. However, when my daughter was going through a rough patch, she asked for a puppy. Her happiness outweighed everything, and now we have Piper. Adorable, playful and mischievous. She eats socks btw and a variety of other inedible objects! She has taught me the importance of taking breaks, the power of play, and best of all – she has the same birthday as my late father-in-law – May 24.

When she came into our lives in July, Piper brought levity and joy to our heavy days. We had just lost my dear, sweet father-in-law to Parkinson’s a month early. I admit she has stolen my heart, and that is perfectly fine.

Adapted from Janeane’s forthcoming book, Get the Funk Out! %^&$ Happens, What to Do Next! © 2019 by Janeane Bernstein. Published by Post Hill Press


  • Janeane Bernstein, EdD

    Journalist | Mental Health Advocate | Author


    Janeane Bernstein, Ed.D. is a journalist, mental health advocate, and radio host with KUCI 88.9fm.  She was a 2021 Age Boom Academy Fellow with the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center & Columbia Journalism. Her first book, GET THE FUNK OUT, %^&* HappensWhat to Do Next!  offers strategies and life lessons on ways to nurture self-care and resilience through life’s curveballs. Janeane speaks to students and adults about self-care, mental health, resilience, the CARE Initiative, and more. Her latest podcast & event series, OUTSIDE THE BOX, focuses on mental health and wellness for all ages. Her next book, BETTER HUMANS - What the Mental Health Pandemic Teaches Us About Humanity will be published by Post Hill Press & Simon & Schuster. | |