Life often feels like a boxing match. We hit and get hit back. Just as we feel like we are making progress, round 2 comes. We have a good third round only to be hit with a left hook in the forth. In this instant world we live in where everything is so fast, we can be fooled into thinking that we are slow. We want to win every round with ease, and we want results to come quickly. We want to lose weight fast, find our big break fast, fix that problem fast. I want you to understand today that transformation takes time.

Habits that you picked up solidified themselves into your life gradually and so taking them off also is a gradual process. Once you begin to follow a vision with dedication, you will begin to transform not because of any handouts or business deals, but because of the things that you are going to go through along the way. Adversity exposes character. Your process will be in vain if you make it an enemy. Understand that, your current situation is not a problem, it’s a process. If you cannot handle the process, you cannot handle the responsibility that comes with success. The process will teach you some things. The process is where the sheep and wolves are separated. The process filters out those who say they want it from those who show they want it. Got to stop running from affliction and then wondering why there is no growth. Got to stop expecting the journey to be comfortable. If you want to acquire what’s uncommon you’ll have to do what’s unpopular. There is nothing comfortable about process, ask any Mother. The process qualifies and enables you. You cannot win in life if you back up each time you step into process.

Even a seed must go through a process before it brings forth any fruit, it must die before it lives. Do not be afraid of your process because 10 years will fly you by and you’ll still be in the same place hiding from your purpose because you fear the process. It is your actions during the process that shows how much you believe in your vision. Everyday when I wake up, I thank God for new life, new opportunity and for bringing me through my storms into a new world of awesomeness. I then say; ‘Thank you process, I’m grateful’ because I know my process birthed some things.

You will be processed before you are packaged. The things that happen along the way to that vision brings about a change, a transformation, a metamorphosis that prepares you further for what is ahead of you. The process can take a very, very, very long time, but if you resist it or see it as the enemy, it will never complete its course with you and you will be stuck in it forever. Too often we get excited about the victory and the vision but we fail to understand that we have to go through a process, and put in the work to meet that vision. Your process prepares you for the responsibility that comes with the fulfillment of your vision, whether it be a promotion, a new house, a new goal or acquiring your dream of being a success, you will have to go on a journey before accomplishing anything. It’s important that you stay focused on the vision, so your process does not distract you.

What you focus on, you will dwell on, what you dwell on you become more intimate with, so if you want to be one with the powerful vision you see clearly in your life, you need to keep your everything fixated on it. Your process will often cause turmoil in your life and rip up things you have been working on. It may seem like you’re moving backwards but the process is ripping up the old foundation because the responsibility that comes with your vision is heavy and you need strong rooting, strong structure and strong will to walk in it.

Your process works for you. You won’t understand the purpose of your vision until you go through the process. You cannot make progress until you go through the process, but remember your reality exists on the inside of you, not the outside of you. Don’t cry over what left, rejoice over what’s coming, don’t complain about the pain, it strengthens you. Don’t complain about how people treat you, correct how you treat yourself. If you really value your existence, stop disrespecting your ability by accepting mediocrity in your life. Stop expecting the result without the responsibility. You cannot escape the process towards your purpose, it qualifies you, so if you really want it, you will embrace anything to get there.

You cannot put part-time effort into full-time things. You cannot run away from who you are. All that you will ever become is already in your DNA, you cannot become something that you already are, and you cannot handle the vision without gaining the experience and information that is in the process. Don’t allow your process to deter you or make you lose sight of your vision. If you cannot see it in your mind, chances are you won’t see it in your life. Your situation may be a mountain, but the good news is, mountains never grow but people do. Champions don’t wait for great moments, they make the moments great regardless of what they are going through or what it looks or feels like. While you’re in your process I want you to know that your situation can change, so don’t get too comfortable where you are because once you stop resisting and start committing, you’ll step into a 5th season called “New”. You need to understand that only you can see the vision that you have and it belongs to you, so you must take charge of everything that opposes that vision.

You cannot take charge of a situation that you give authority to, and you need to stand in your position otherwise the process will shape and transform you into someone who you’re not. You’re either the head or the tail, either chasing dreams or leading them, there is no middle ground with great people. You will have to command some things including your feelings. You need to take authority of your actions and lack of during your process.

This is not how your story ends;

Written By Steve Whyte

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