Traditionally, workplaces were designed to stimulate higher productivity. Although this has changed in recent times as the pressure has increased many-folds. Hence, in spite of having a fairly well-designed office with a gym, and a play-zone, we are still unable to free our minds off work. It is very important to take a stress-free break and spend time on rediscovering what we are happy about.

Why is a Hobby Important?

The fast-paced environment has given little room to pick up a hobby. But, engaged in hobbies give you a time when you are happy from within. This is the key towards stress-relief. One has to forget every other nagging issue at the back of your mind.  A hobby can be anything- it could be coin-collecting, stamp-collecting, painting, or even playing a musical instrument like a guitar. Just make sure that whatever you pick, you are passionate about it. If you love to do something, it is automatically going to de-stress you without making a lot of effort.

Human beings have various hormonal reactions depending on their mood. Pursuing a hobby has always seen an increase in the hormones related to self-achievement and satisfaction. Moreover, it helps improve your social amiability as it brings out a different side of you that most of your office colleagues are not aware of.

Start with a Time Strictly for Yourself:

We are human beings and we are capable of a lot more things than just doing our daily chores and paying our bills. The world is filled with so many extra-curricular activities. All it takes is plan out a time that would just be solely for yourself. It always helps to set a tentative time for your activities so that we can be nearly close to adhering them as much as possible. Setting aside time just for yourself will not only de-stress you but it will also improve your overall efficiency in whatever you do the entire day. This is a win-win as you will be quicker at your other activities hence you get to spend more time to do the things you love. With time, we do get involved with our families and kids, and soon everything starts to take up our time. We just have 24 hours a day. Hence. It is up to us how we go-ahead to manage it and take out that one hour for our happiness and inner peace.

A Corporate Responsibility Towards Its Employees:

Modern companies are not increasingly improving their workspace design for a friendlier environment. They do have policies for fun-activities in the charter, but more often than not, those just remain on paper. It is actually a culture difference between different countries. Indian MNCs have a culture of inviting families to annual functions, award ceremonies, but companies in the US have a more employee-only policy. This indirectly affects a lot on the productivity and job satisfaction of employees, especially those working for global MNCs.

Companies should adapt various policies not just to create a good work environment but also to make sure that the employees are satisfied with what they do, and they are able to balance their personal lives along with the work. Creating a more open and friendly work-culture at workplace will motivate the employees to connect with the companies goals and they will be able to contribute more at the workplace.


De-stressing the work environment increases employee interest and in turn, improves productivity. Though there are many other effective ways of relieving your stress like visiting a spa, meditating or with the help of organic CBD edibles, but pursuing a hobby is like following your passion which helps you to unwind easily. We must plan our daily activities to keep some time for our self-improvement, by pursuing a hobby. It is proven scientifically that traveling as a hobby has improved the efficiency of people when they return to their workplace. Our minds are very powerful, and hence it is the individual’s responsibility to find that one time to prevent it from wandering around, stop everything else once in a while, and work on the self-improvement with a passion to pursue.