Don’t underestimate the unexpected power of random acts of kindness. New research shows that we drastically underestimate the impact that small and random acts of kindness have on those around us. 

Oftentimes, we think we need to do something substantial in order to make a real difference. As a result, we fail to act because we think our words or actions, however small they may be, won’t matter.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Small and random efforts matter. And it makes sense. Think about the last time someone did something completely unexpected for you. How did that make you feel? Pretty awesome, right? 

It takes very little time or money to do just one nice and random thing each day for someone – be it someone we know or a complete stranger. 

Calling a friend or family member. Congratulating someone on an accomplishment. Picking up the tab for the person behind you in line for coffee without them even knowing. Whatever you choose, you’ll not only make someone’s day, you’ll also feel great in the process. 

A little good goes an unexpectedly long way. What will you do today?


  • Ryan Frankel

    Entrepreneur, Founder of This App Saves Lives, Mentor, Fitness Enthusiast, Proud Dad x2

    Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and most recently is the Founder of This App Saves Lives, ("TASL"), a mobile app-based solution that rewards undistracted driving behavior. Previously, Ryan founded the online nutrition coaching platform, EduPlated. He was the CEO and Co-Founder of VerbalizeIt, a language translation services company featured on Shark Tank and which was acquired in 2016. Ryan is an author, Wharton MBA alumnus, mentor, Inc. Magazine Top 35 Under 35 entrepreneur and an Ironman triathlete. You'll find him residing just outside of Philadelphia with his wife, two kids, Golden Retriever and pair of running shoes.