your best RE-venge is all about “the power of RE”. RE-invent, RE-imagine, RE-claim, RE-lax, RE-adjust, RE-mind, RE-vitalize, RE-design, RE-model. These are just a handful of “RE” possibilities we explore to RE-invent our present and RE-imagine our future!

My name is Gina & I’m a wife, mother, friend, confidant, taxi driver, maid, employer and CEO of my life. I’m sure most of you can relate to the stress and anxiety we place on ourselves trying to do all of these things flawlessly (not possible) and effortlessly (you’re kidding right)? your best RE-venge is all about RE-gaining control of our lives and RE-igniting our passions!

I was blessed for the longest while to lead the life of my dreams. I started as a dancer, became a choreographer, director, producer and finally Entertainment Executive. I actually made a living doing these things! I traveled the world working in a field I was passionate about with wonderfully talented people who inspired me everyday. I met my amazing husband on this journey and we continued it together. How lucky was I? But, somewhere along the way, I got sidetracked, got stuck in a job that hinders my creativity and passion, quit doing things I always loved, stopped waking up energized and happy every morning. I felt stuck, I started to complain and commiserate about it almost daily. I got tired of listening to myself. Finally I decided to write it down and share my journey. I am on a mission to RE-align myself and get “my happy” back. Are you with me?

I am somewhat of a pack animal and always work better in a group to keep accountable, so I started this journey asking some friends to help keep me accountable. I started almost a year ago to the day and have made some terrific progress which I hope can inspire others to take the first step in RE-igniting their passions. I made it a point to make small and attainable goals so I didn’t feel I let myself down: walk for 30 minutes, do one thing each day to make myself and someone else smile, focus on short term goal, etc., etc. It worked for me! I slowly bit surely got out of my funk and back to a productive head space. I began to feel better, more invigorated, healthier and happier! A huge part of this success has been sharing the journey , both the wins and the losses and keeping accountable with friends in life and online.

It has made all the difference in the world. I am far from finished and can’t wait to see what the nest phase of this RE-invention brings.

If you are feeling any of these things and want to join me on this journey, let’s push each other to RE-imagine what our lives can be! A kick ass life is our best RE-venge and I am determined to get mine, how about you?