Show how to place quartz point on Crown Chakra

Over the years I have developed a passion for Reiki and utilizing Self Healing. By becoming intentional with my 21 day Cleansing during the initial Attunement, I was able to facilitate a stronger connection and a deeper resonance to the flow of the Universal Energy during all of the attunements afterwards, by following the 21 day cleansing for every Attunement.

During my studies over the years I have been Attuned to eight separate styles of Reiki, all powerful in their individual ways. Every time I was Attuned to Source & Symbols I have endured physical symptoms that were not diagnosable. I went to numerous doctors and have been left to my own research and training. I tried everything to alleviate the neck spasms and ringing in my ears. Both would fluctuate, both tended to be painful. Causing me to stop driving for several years due to me not feeling safe behind the wheel. Through research I was able to come to my own conclusion that I was experiencing Ascension Symptoms. There are so many issues and so many opinions to solve Ascension Symptoms. Similar to Holistic Medicine, every herb reacts differently to each individual.

And then during my search for healing I found a meditation recently, a different type of guided visualization to ground myself fully…I felt great for a week or so doing the meditation daily, then it eased back into it’s painful existence. One such day I was getting ready to meditate and I had an urge, so I listened to my intuition and collected a quartz point. I positioned the Quartz point onto the center of my Crown Chakra. I felt a tingling sensation. So I decided to twist the Quartz point, like a radio dial. As I slowly turned it the tingling increased and what felt like a bubble bursting from the top of my head. The ringing stopped! And I have only experienced the tiniest of twitches. When I do I pull out the excess energy with the Quartz Point and Ground myself and it only takes a few moments. And yet, for me it makes a world of difference to alleviate any of my ascension symptoms.

To this day, during my daily Self Healing with Reiki, I incorporate a Quartz Point and The Golden Root Meditation. Besides feeling pain free and able to focus, after years of pain and research. My connection to the Universal Energy is free flowing and Grounded.

“Only through Knowledge Shared will the Spiritual Awakening Continue…”

by Dr. ToriJo Hincks RM, WMA, PhD

For those that utilize Reiki or are interested in the healing modality, I hope this increases your Spiritual Tool Box, one perspective at a time. And please remember, Reiki is for all who are called & it is a Universal Inherent Ability of every Human Being. In my experience of over 20 years of working with and learning different Metaphysical Modalities, take what resonates with you… Incorporate it into your daily intentional habits and with practice, your life will radiate with prosperity and clean flowing healing energy. But that is just my humble opinion, take what resonates with your soul and live your most Intentionally Abundant Reiki Life.

  • Link to where I found the Golden Root Meditation; by Jasmine Renee