Music is magic. Music is a story well told that can never be forgotten because it stays somewhere deep in our souls. Music helps us remember, helps us heal and recover. Music can make people cry, laugh, feel joy, sadness, excite us and tug on heartstrings. Due to these characteristics, music plays a critical role in audiovisual projects from cinema to television. Every now and then, the perfect pairing of writing and production combine to amplify a narrative’s emotional content for an unforgettable experience for the viewer. Such is the case with writer and singer Karin Rybar and producer David Goldblatt, the talents behind Songs2Cinema.

The result of a perfect work partnership

Fifteen years ago, Karin wrote a series of Jazz pieces and she asked EMI to recommend a great producer. David Goldblatt came on board to arrange, perform and produce these pieces with an ensemble of legendary Jazz musicians including Peter Erskin, Jeff Beal, and Steve Tavaglione. Sultry Lisa Fisher, background singer to The Rolling Stones was on there with vocals.

These beautiful records caught the attention of the music supervisor for the Melrose Place show and Lisa was featured in one of the episodes with the songs “Way Past Goodbye” and “Too Soon To Know.” “Way Past Goodbye” was chosen as the single for the Melrose Place Album.

Years passed as Karin and David worked on their own separate projects. And then, like a flash of magic, they reconnected and the musical journey of Songs2Cinema began.

Karin and David began working to create and produce songs that are ready to be placed in new media with thematic, memorable melody a top priority. The producer and writer feel they flourish when immersed in the collaborative process as cinema song composers.

The team possesses an unmistakable talent in crafting songs from story to create a visual and audible experience for the viewer, bringing the music of the narrative front and center as their song amplifies the emotion of the story.

The musical storytelling team is able to bring the narrative to realization thanks to a catalog of existing material and the ability to handcraft songs to picture due to their expertise and experience.

“Their distinct specialty is in creating song from story where sight and sound become visceral experiences and the musical DNA of the narrative is brought to its fullest fruition,” says Saul Blinkoff, producer at Dreamworks and Disney.

Talent reunites to create Songs2Cinema

Karin brings her writing talents to the table when she works with David. The Latin artist is particularly inspired by Cirque du Soleil, the circus that took over the world with their impressive performances, storytelling spectacles, and wonderful music that speaks to your imagination. She is also deeply touched by the works of Ennio Morricone.

After some time without writing music, Karin is back to the scene, better than ever and with music that is a mixture of talent, knowledge, experience, and soul. It all kicked back off when three years ago she worked on her song “Azure”. This new piece of music immediately reminded her of the collaboration with David and she called him. Though he was on vacation in Maui, within the hour, David returned her call. He was moved by her demo of this piece and said a few key things that steered them towards a new collaboration.

Karin hopped on a plane to Portland to visit David’s studio, where he played his violin and strings arrangement around her melody.. She explained, “ in that moment, I felt my soul come back to my original self.” She had rediscovered the songwriter within and her true purpose in this world.

“David is magic. When I write a song, I hear a production in my head but I only give him the melody so that he can display it on his musical canvas because David paints with music creating captivating, lush productions with unexpected surprises. The magnificent signature sound of Songs2Cinema.”

David cut his teeth as a jazz pianist from Chicago. His trajectory after touring the midwest with Dizzy Gillespie in his first year of college big band experiences, was Berklee music school in Boston, touring there, a 4-year residence in San Francisco honing his chops and expanding into the Latin and funk genres. Then a couple of decades in Los Angeles touring as musical director for Diana Ross, The Dennis Miller Show, and lots of session work for movies and records. All the while his love for storytelling in music fueled his composing passions and led to writing for TV and film. He moved his family to the City Of Roses to raise their son, now his musical assistant and drummer and songwriter, in a beautiful setting with a fantastic jazz community and continued performing and composing prolifically. Despite the fact that Karin had taken a break from writing at the time of their reunion, David saw a musical affinity and shared purpose with Karin and posed the idea of a partnership to the writer and Songs2Cinema was born.

“Karin has the ability to write a melody that sounds unique and familiar at the same time,” David explained.

Songs2Cinema has an expanding roster of talented artists in varying genres under its wing

Launching “Love is Giving”

Karin and David’s talent and dedication will be in full view in their “Love is Giving” music video premiere at 7 p.m. on May 23 at the Proper Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

The “Love is Giving” event will be by invitation only, with just 50 people in attendance. The event will be produced by Dreamworks producer and Disney director, Saul Blinkoff. A number of VIPs have already RSVP’d for the event, including top legends in the music industry like Desmond Child and music supervisors and record executives.

In addition to the exciting premiere of the “Love is Giving” music video, guests will get an inside look into the making of the song and video, along with two other music videos: “Tu El Momento” and “Besa Los Minutes.”

David will perform “Your Glow” on piano to an orchestral track he arranged and produced followed by a light show set to “Azure”, their very first collaboration.

The musically talented team has every intention of syncing up with storytellers who are making movies and shows that their music will resonate with. Their aim is to continue creating the highest quality cinematic and song-based music licensed to media and artists as they grow Songs2Cinema into a bigger umbrella publishing organization that promotes like-minded music to the media and world.

About Songs2Cinema

Songs2Cinema is an in-house song-scoring team crafting music with cinematic appeal and production. They specialize in the highest quality melodic music for cinema, as well as writing songs for artists. They will premiere their new music in their “Love is Giving” event in Los Angeles this month. To learn more, visit