When we attend networking or social events we introduce  ourselves in order to start new conversations and create meaningful connections. In business, we use something called an elevator speech as a tool for the introduction.  A 30 second summary of our product or service to start the conversation.

When was the last time that you revamped your elevator speech?

Creating a short story about ourselves is what I call the art of the introduction.

Developing a dialogue where we share a little about our journey in order to encourage a connection the goes beyond a simple “Hello” or “Pleased to Meet You.”  

In our digital age, it seems we most often connect through social media or e-mail conveying a message through the written word.  Our language skills have become casual and our grammar is filled with short forms and acronyms.

In business, when we attend social functions, meeting new people has become a skill and something we all need to practise.  The events that we attend are strategic. No one has the time or energy to fill their calendars with invitations without a purpose or goal.  

We are looking to create meaningful connections!  

I was recently asked how to develop a script that will become effective when practising the art of an introduction.  We all know and appreciate that our first impressions are lasting and everyone  wants to put their best foot forward.  Whether you are making a sale, looking to build a new strategic partnership or creating a network of thought leaders, we want to ensure that we have a positive impact on everyone we meet.

How do you develop a story that will start a new conversation? 

When I began to host the guest blog Share Your Stories series the intension was a to feature entrepreneurial experiences under the umbrella of mentorship. (See Part 2 of 2)  Inspiring new ideas… What I have found is a whole new opportunity to use this format to create a new elevator speech.

Here are the questions we use with each feature:

  1. Tell us a little something about your journey/business/book?
  2. When was your lightbulb moment?
  3. What are your 3 words of advice? 

These three questions have become an effective tool to create, share and practise our story with our peers and colleagues.  It is a powerful tool for breaking barriers and starting new conversations.  It gives you the opportunity to share a little about yourself so that you are able to create meaningful connections.

It has started a whole new conversation!

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, providing keynotes and workshops on Mentorship…breaking barriers, starting new conversations  and creating a new definition for success.