Last week, we shared a few ideas about the power of storytelling through our elevator speech.  The 30 second dialogue we use as a form of introduction to our product or service that is intended to start a new conversation. 

This week I’d like you to consider a whole new way of sharing stories: Mentorship! 

Just think for a moment…Who is your most influential mentor?

This is the person who has had a positive impact on your personal or professional journey.  You will never forget them and they may not even know that they have been so influential.

By definition, a Mentor is someone who is a trusted advisor. The person who encourages brainstorm sessions, shares ideas and ultimately creates an atmosphere for lightbulb moments.  

The traditional relationship is usually a casual meeting that takes place whenever schedules permit. We connect, catch up and share stories.

As part of the process, Mentors and Mentees ultimately start conversations that inspire new ideas!

In our gig workforce, the new definition defies both age and gender with people sharing stories and experiences that break barriers and encourage success.

These relationships are built on trust, integrity and friendship through discussions that encourage confidence and allow us to think outside the box.

The stories that we share are based on “real life” experience and the dialogue includes both positive and negative outcomes.   Each individual may then take the learning and apply the information to their own situation, in real time.

These relationships may last for many years and often become mutually beneficial as we build friendships. Throughout our careers the roles may become interchangeable as we find ourselves learning new skills and navigating change. 

The connections that we make are based on the stories that we share with a relatable message that is easily remembered. 

Storytelling is how we learn from each other and mentorship is a great way to start new conversations.

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, providing keynotes and workshops on Mentorship…breaking barriers, starting new conversations  and creating a new definition for success.