Reset yourself, reset your life! At the core of The Reset is the message that at any moment there is an opportunity for a reset. A refresh on life. A new mindset.

A reset is your personal empowerment “button” — accessible anytime you desire change. You may not have reset today but you can reset tomorrow! And that’s the whole point.

Resetting isn’t about beating yourself up, feeling bad or staying stuck. A reset is about embracing a positive attitude towards change and finding opportunities for personal growth even in the hardest of times.

A reset allows us the opportunity to make improvements in our daily life in any shape or form we choose, at any pace we desire. When the world around us can feel overwhelmingly complicated, daunting or uncertain, choosing to reset your outlook or your situation delivers a refreshing sense of personal freedom.

I brought The Reset to life because I saw that there was genuine white space for a community-driven brand that offered inspiration, information and ideas for how to be your best self. One that’s modern, authentic and supportive without being preachy or patronizing. No gimmicks, no self-help books, just straightforward sharing about the universal resets we all go through — big and small — that allow women to connect with one another.

Our resets define who we are, and they shape who we will become — relationships, career, family, style, self-esteem and beyond. Yet, instead of embracing these transformations, our mainstream culture overly focuses on millennials. Tired hearing about millennial this and millennial that, The Reset was born from a belief that there was room for a brand that spoke a different kind of narrative — a place that made all women feel good and gave them an authentic point of view, savvy tools and style solutions that they could relate to.

The Reset is flipping the typical marketing paradigm, using content to form a meaningful relationship that real women can identify and interact with — forging a bond that unites through a familiar voice and common experiences. This flies in the face of most brands, who typically focus on selling a product first, then try to manufacture a brand story to support it.

The Reset’s mission is to support women-in-progress. A reset doesn’t happen overnight. The motivation may come at once, but it takes work, spirit, and the strength to act on it. Whether at the beginning of the process, or coming around to the end, she takes fortitude and knowledge of those around her.

Far too often we stay in the same place too long, that place can be a dead-end job, an unsatisfying relationship or simply the all too familiar way we can be unkind to ourselves. The hardest part of any reset is beginning. It takes guts to choose change but a reset begins with believing in yourself — and a reset pays off with finding yourself — again. is a digital homebase for a new generation of women who are choosing to do things differently. Choosing their own path. Their own solutions. Their own voice. We are resetting. We are building a community that marries relevant, relatable content with curated commerce. For real women, who live real lives.

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