By now most of us have heard that our thoughts create our reality.  The Buddha said that 2,600 years ago.  How could something said so long ago still be relevant today?  And what does that really mean?  Isn’t reality, reality?  Don’t we all live in the same reality?  Actually, no, we do not all live in the same reality!    We all live in our own version of reality.  This is even more apparent today as we get our news and information from our phones and computers where algorithms feed us information that fits our world view, severely limiting new ideas and viewpoints

Two people can witness the same event and when questioned about that event they often tell quite different stories.   How can that be?  Didn’t they see the same thing?   That can be because the world you live in reflects your thoughts, your values, and your beliefs.   Your thoughts, values, and beliefs come from your family, your church, your education, your community, the city in which you live.    Our beliefs become our thoughts, our thoughts become our actions, and our actions create our world…the friends you choose, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, and where you choose to spend your time.

Everything we see around us was first created in the mind of someone…cars, buildings, homes, clothes, art, airplanes, everything!   Everything in your life came from your mind.   Therefore, our thoughts create our world.  And that puts YOU in the driver seat of your life because you are in charge of your thoughts.  But we are not taught that in school.  We are not taught that we control our minds.   We are not taught how to control our thoughts, so we end up thinking and allowing our thoughts to control us or allowing someone else to tell us what to think.   So, when you change your mind, you change your world.   

The world you live in reflects your energy, focus, and beliefs.  This means that you are in control of the world you live in.   And if you do not like what you have created, the apartment, the job, the car, then you have the power to change it.   That is great news!  But how exactly do you do that?  To create a new life, you must think new thoughts.  Below are the three first steps to help you create new thoughts, live empowered, and create the life you desire.


Awareness is the first step to transformation.  Being aware that you have the power to control your thoughts puts you in control.   Start noticing your thoughts.   What are you thinking about when you are driving?  What are you thinking about when you are taking a shower, cooking dinner, or eating lunch?  What are you thinking about when your boss or coworker is talking to you?   Being aware of what you are thinking brings you into the present moment where your power is.   If you are thinking about the past or the future you are thinking about things that do not exist and that will create anxiety, stress, and frustration.  Being fully present with your thoughts allows you to be in control and make decisions from your heart.


Understanding that you are in control of your mind allows you to take control of your life.   If you are not in control of your thoughts then who is?   Your parents, your spouse, advertisers?   When you accept that you are in control of your mind you are no longer the victim of circumstance.   You can change your mind, change your thoughts, and therefore change your life.


Once you accept that you are in control you then have the power to create change in your life.  But this will not happen overnight.   Just like the life you have now did not emerge overnight, it is years in the making.  It will take time to change your old habits, patterns, and beliefs.   It will take practice and dedication and you will make mistakes.  But that is ok!   Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the space to grow.  Meditation is a powerful practice to teach you how to notice your thoughts and not get triggered by them.   There are a lot of meditation teachers, apps, and schools.  Take some time to try a few out and find the one that works for you.  Remember that this will take time and be easy with yourself.    Just like going to the gym to change your body may take a month or two to see results, meditation is the “gym” for your mind and it may take a few months to get in the groove and see results.   You are a powerful creator!   Now what is that you want to create?   Thoughts create, so chose from your heart!