It is said that the Eagle has got an uncanny knack to sense an approaching storm. It will fly to a vantage point and wait for the winds to come. When the storm hits, the eagle will set its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. While the storm rages below, the eagle will be soaring above it. In fact the eagle does not try to escape the storm. It uses the storm to catapult itself to the nimbus of glory. Many a times in our lives we will be confronted with similar debilitating storms. Are we able to become like the Eagle and use the storm to our advantage? Or do we let the storms to overpower us? Success lies in our ability to anticipate the impending storms and navigate it to our benefit when it strikes.

To think positively in a crisis is a challenge. But great leaders and visionaries capitalize on crisis and see it as an opportunity to develop and enhance their survival / leadership skills. Victor Frankl, a renowned Austrian Psychiatrist, through his revolutionary book “Man’s search for meaning” explains the significance of having a perpetual powerful vision to guide us in our lives. When he was subjected to the “Concentration Camps” (a gruesome methodology adopted by Adolf Hitler to wipe out the diaspora of Jews) at Auschwitz during the period from 1942-1945, he thought his world has come to an end. But under this ghastly and bestial of human existence, Victor Frankl conceptualized an agenda and a vision to pull him through these torturous days. He decided to 1) Do some meaningful work 2) Learn something new and 3) take forward this unavoidable suffering and use it to help mankind. These self inquisitions led him to develop a revolutionary theory in Psychotherapy known as “Logotherapy”. It is about finding a personal meaning in life, however dismal the circumstances maybe. Because of his powerful vision, Victor Frankl did survive the holocaust and was later conferred with 29 honorary doctorates from universities across the globe for works on Existential Analysis and Logotherapy.

It is not the burdens of life that weigh us down but it is how we handle them.

A dream is a mere notion. But when we convert it into a vision and work towards achieving it, it becomes a reality. A powerful vision is like the beacon of light on a dark hazy night. It cuts through the nebulous fog and shows us the way. By constantly being aware of our environment and our competitors and by having a powerful personal vision, we can become like the majestic eagle which knows where it is headed even in the middle of a storm.

Remember, the whole world steps aside for a person who knows where he is going.