“A confused mind never buys.”

Repeat that mantra in your head every time you sit down to write.

If you try to throw everything plus the kitchen sink into your copy, your reader won’t know what to do. You have to make it specific and clear, so they know exactly what action they should take at the end (remember: copywriting is simply “persuasive words that cause the reader to take an action”).

There are 5 elements of copy that is ONE-focused:

— ONE GOOD IDEA. “Checklists are the easiest online lead magnet you can create.”

— ONE CORE EMOTION. “It’s simple! I bet I can do that!”

— ONE CAPTIVATING STORY. “I created a highly valuable checklist for my website, which has converted into 2,432 new leads in 3 months, and 387 of those leads have purchased a product.”

— ONE DESIRABLE BENEFIT. “I can show you how to get more leads and sales by using a power checklist too.”

— ONE CALL TO ACTION. “To discover how to create a money-making checklist like this today, click the yellow button below and pay $27.”

See that? Of course you can expand on some of this, but do not stray into unrelated topics. Don’t promise too much. Don’t think, “But maybe they need to know how to create a $99 course too…”

Just stay focused on ONE thing, and you’ll get much better results.

What’s the next “one thing” you will write about? Please share below!