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I still envision the day I tried yoga for the first time. Honestly, in the beginning I forced myself into it. I felt trapped and burned out back then, but I knew I had to find a healthy solution to make a change. I wanted to experience something new and I can tell you, it was the best decision of my life.

It blew my mind, how powerful and loose I felt after the first class. It has led me to a crushing knowledge that I wish
I had realized sooner. I did a few researches, and started to learn more about human anatomy and soul. The journey has not stopped since.

Now please let me allow to point out the main benefits of yoga. 

  1. It eases panic attacks and anxiety
    In our modern society we are so attached to our phones, to social media that it can cause serious anxiety.
    Yoga helps you breathe better and is able to unplug you from digital technology. Besides, it teaches you
    the importance of inner peace. 
  2. It improves strength and flexibility
    While holding poses with deep breathes, you build strength in your muscles. It takes a strong focus to become flexible, your body may shake between the poses, but it is worth in the end. My favorite yoga pose (known as asana) for focus is ‘The Lord of Dance’. Sounds amazing, right?
  3. It helps you sleep better
    Research of John Hopkins sleep expert Anastasia Rowland-Seymour says: “There is some suggestion that certain postures may be helpful”. She suggests you to sit with your left side against a wall, then gently turn right and lift your legs up to rest against the wall, keeping your back on the floor and your sitting bones close to the wall. If you belong amongst those who need a better quality sleep, feel free to give this method a try.
  4. It protects your spine
    Many people work in office, sitting at the desk for hours, and it will usually end up in a poor posture. I get that feeling as a receptionist. Yoga poses such as ‘Downward-Facing dog’ and ‘Cobra’ activate your back muscles, which will ensure to have a nice and healthy posture. I do it every morning as an energy boost.
  5. It makes you happy
    This one seems obvious, but it plays an important role in our well-being. Sometimes we make it hard for ourselves to find the key for happiness. Well, yoga is an ideal start to reflect on yourself. Make an experiment
    for a month, and I guarantee you that huge improvements will land in your life.

There are of course many other benefits of yoga, in my opinion these five are the ones to keep you motivated when you are a yoga newbie. Remember: you deserve a great health physically and mentally, and with small efforts you can get closer to the best version of yourself.