Politically, we are lost.

There is no more compassion, understanding or wisdom left to tell us right from wrong, right from left, and the real meaning of the past, present and what is happening right now.

How can you make any sense of it? Truth is now only a concept, debatable at best, and the very characteristics that make us human, and separate us from the jungle of everything else, seem to be no longer important and increasingly vanishing from our collective DNA.

We have tried government. We have tried religion. We have tried rock stars.

Nothing lasts. Nothing holds. And nothing teaches us the true meaning of life.

We compete, we complain and we conflict.

We struggle for power.

This seems to be what moves us forward, what gives us incentive, to be better than the others, to hunt better, to gather more, to fully enable our survival instincts, the ultimate ON switch, and it points us in a direction, but with no real destination in mind.

What is the ultimate objective?

We created a game that is more of a riddle than anything else. In the model that we are co-creating, if taken to its ultimate end, there would only one winner, and the rest of us, you and me, would be living in some sort of final servitude to a god we created.

This is the model of GOD, after all.

There shall be no other before me, in a monotheist reality.

And those of us in the West, possibly look upon the thousands of gods that exist in the east, in India for example, or the pagan set of my ancestors in ancient Greece, and we look down upon them in disdain, disgust or in a casually condescending way. The fools. How could they worship so many idols?

And then we look at our current modern world, where we worship celebrity in all forms, Hollywood to Rock and Roll to Elon Musk. What is the difference, exactly?

These are troubling times.

This is an era when we cannot really trust our elected political leadership to guide us into a promised land of peace, prosperity and a kind of politics that we deserve.

I don’t need to name names, and I don’t intend to disparage anyone. It is not important.

If I have learned anything in life, which is admittedly not much, it is that in times of conflict or dispute, both parties tend to think they are correct. That is the nature of a true war, of the power problem, that both sides are claiming some sort of higher moral ground, and believing it, whether it be in divorce, UN peacekeeping gone wrong, or a drunken bar room brawl.

It is all the same.

And so, we have to make a decision.

Where do we go next? What is the point? And how much do we really need?

Beyond the basics of what we need to keep alive, what is the limit?

I agree with the philosophy that we live in an abundant universe. It is an untapped power that grows when we cooperate with it. The basics of physics and the generally accepted idea that we live in a reality where the universe is always expanding, should be all the proof you need.

SO, if we agree on this power principle, we can find a common starting point for what is next.

And NEXT will be up to us.


  • Paul is: a writer, past academic dean, national affairs advisor, conference founder and public broadcasting advocate.